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D.E.C.I.D.E by Mind Map: D.E.C.I.D.E

1. Define the problem-

1.1. Someone begins bullying you amongst your peers

2. Explore The Alternatives

2.1. Ask them to stop Go away from them Ask an adult to help Ignore them and laugh at the joke they make.

3. Consider Possible Outcomes

3.1. The alternatives 2 and 3 they will probably not hangout with you. But in alternative 1 and 4 they will probably forget about it later.

4. Identify your Values

4.1. Ask them to stop They might, they might not Go away from them They will probably stop teasing you Ask an adult to help They will most probably stop and never talk to you because they will think you are a snitch Ignore and laugh at the joke They will probably laugh and then forget it. (best option)

5. Decide and Act in agreement with your Values

5.1. According to me the best one is number 4 because when people make fun of you and you ignore them They will probably stop making fun of you because you are not even affected by what they say.

6. Evaluate Your Plan

6.1. If this happens to me I would just laugh at it and not take it seriously, but if very serious then I would go to to higher authorities. But if not serious I would not let it affect my life.