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1. tbd / main categories

1.1. tbd

2. tbd / social foresight glossary

2.1. tbd

3. tbd / social wave glossary

3.1. tbd


4.1. question: will "the social" be a solution reservoir for the burning issues of our time?

4.2. global ecological destruction

4.2.1. to stop!

4.2.2. transformation to sustainable economy

4.2.3. stop the loss of biodiversity

4.3. global energy system

4.3.1. to reboot!

4.3.2. transformation to renewables

4.4. global poverty + migration

4.4.1. to fight!

4.5. global development + education

4.5.1. to foster!

4.6. global demographic change

4.6.1. to handle!

4.6.2. low birth + aging in industrial countries

4.6.3. high birthrate in developing countries

4.7. global diseases + pandemics

4.7.1. to prepare!

4.8. poltical instability/war/terrorism

4.8.1. to strengthen: cooperative mind/empathy/ ethical orientation

4.8.2. to be done: create global core ethics?

4.9. Big Transformation

5. tbd / the social as ...

5.1. normative target

5.1.1. responding to deficits in the social reality local global

5.2. manipulative mechanism

5.3. manipulated

5.4. industrialized

5.5. commoditized

5.6. commercialized

5.6.1. advertised

5.6.2. promoted

5.6.3. normalized

5.6.4. hyped

5.7. object

5.7.1. scientific object

5.7.2. measured

5.7.3. analyzed

5.7.4. deconstructed

5.7.5. destructed

5.7.6. technically distorted

5.8. model to apply in technical systems

5.8.1. socionics

5.8.2. socio robotics

5.8.3. Neue Idee

5.9. model to apply in social systems

5.10. relation

5.11. reciprocal cognitve and/or emotional relation

5.12. graph

5.13. desire

6. tbd / controversies

6.1. tbd

7. DIMENSIONS of the social wave

7.1. SOCIAL MEDIA internet-based sociality

7.1.1. social networks

7.1.2. social media in a narrow sense

7.1.3. citizen journalism

7.1.4. social life on the web web as a social web (it always was) sharing mechanisms interaction conversation gaming virtual worlds

7.1.5. ... INTERSPHERE? [time horizon +10 years] the socio-technological interference field will lead to cultural and lifestyle changee cyborgisation of the social space: growing dependency of assistive systems, social networks, to organsize social life + contact people socio-technological complex changes our culture and self-concept conflict areas

7.1.6. conflict areas privacy over-sharing social info overload losing empathy

7.2. POWER SHIFT transformational power of internet

7.2.1. political transformations example: Arab revolutions "Social media may have been integral to the Arab revolutions and revolts of 2011." (controversial topic)

7.2.2. world-changing / global transition

7.2.3. from organisational/institutinoal forms to swarms + (meme) waves

7.2.4. new ways to work + organize Co-Working the impact of the digital lifestyle • change of the social graph • change of the "ecosystem of relations" (weak/strong ties; real friends; family) • change of the behavioral patterns in the social space (to friend/unfriend/follow/unfollow)

7.2.5. examples

7.2.6. conflict areas loss of power ex.: Wikileaks swarm power / swarm politics ex.: Obama winning post-institutional era new leadership rules

7.3. SOCIAL INNOVATION creating new social patterns

7.3.1. "Social innovation refers to new strategies, concepts, ideas and organizations ..." Wikipedia

7.3.2. new methods to organize, create and manage ... doing things differently ... (a methodological wave)

7.3.3. • open innovation • co-creation • collaborative creativity the social setting as a catalyst for productivity

7.3.4. SOCIAL CAPITAL growing awareness for the relevance of "social capital" "Social capital is a sociological concept, which refers to connections within and between social networks." (Wikipedia) conflict areas tbd using social mechanics in a manipulative way

7.3.5. conflict areas intellectual property openness / abused authorship

7.4. SOCIAL SECTOR new forms to organize and act

7.4.1. growing relevance and influence of NGO/Civil Society in political dynamics

7.5. SOCIAL BUSINESS solving problems with new business models

7.5.1. impact on poverty, education, health, technology access, and environment

7.5.2. Type I: providing a product and/or service with a specific social, ethical or environmental goal

7.5.3. Type II: profit-oriented business that is owned by the poor or other underprivileged parts of the society

7.5.4. special examples micro finance micro insurance

7.5.5. conflict areas tbd balancing between profit/non-profit dynamics

8. THIS MAP IS WORK IN PROGRESS - not complete, not accurate

9. Who is this?

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10.5. What is "Social Foresight"? • It is foresight research directed to the emerging "social wave" in the 21st century • Other meaning, narrow: It is foresight research directed to

11. AVALANCHE OF SOLUTIONS (trends+innovations to watch)

11.1. gamification

11.1.1. examples •

11.1.2. heads/thoughtleaders • Jane McGonigal “Gaming can make a better world”

11.2. see here

11.3. tbd