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Taylors Mind Map of Sophomore Year by Mind Map: Taylors Mind Map of Sophomore Year
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Taylors Mind Map of Sophomore Year

This mind map was made to show you what I have learned throughout this year and how I plan to use this knowledge outside of school.

The Fundraiser Project For Math

  In this project, we were asked to make up a fundraiser and use the formula that was given to us to find out how much it will cost to get it started and how much of a profit we can make. In our project we used candy bars as the fundraiser that would raise the most money. We found this by plugging numbers into a formula and solving for the total profit of the given number of candy bars. This resulted in us getting almost twice as much money back as we would have spent to purchase the candy. I learned how to plug numbers into a problem. I also learned how to use a spreadsheet to makae a bar graph for the data analysis portion of our powerpoint.  

This is the graph and data for the profit and cost.

This is the equation and solution.

Standard A2.2.3

Use systems of linear equations and inequalities to solve word problems

A-Z Story Retelling

This is an assignment where the teacher asked us to pick story to retell. We were to retell the story in 26 sentences and the sentences had to begin with a word from every letter of the alphabet. This activity helped us learn how to construct our sentences. I also learned that not every sentence has to start with the same word. This assignment has taughtme to construct my senrences better and to make my essays a little more interesting by not starting every sentences with "I" or something of the sort.

Standard 10.4.2

Establish a coherent thesis that conveys a clear perspective on the subject and maintain a consistent tone and focus throughout the piece of writing.

Standard 10.5.7

Use varied and expanded vocabulary, appropriate for specific forms and topics

Standard 10.6.2

Demonstrate an understanding of sentence construction, including parallel structure, subordination, and the proper placement of modifiers, and proper English usage, including the use of consistent verb tenses.  

Renaissance Project

  This project was about the rennaisance time. The project asked us to choose a type of store( clothing, hardware, etc.) and build two stores. One store had to be a store that looked like it came from the Rennaisance Era and the other store had to be a store that looked like it came from modern times. My group and I decided to make clothing stores. We used a program called google sketchup to draw our buildings and insert the details. After this was done, we were to make a commercial and a newspaper ad to advertise our store. We made a commercial on our modern store which was called Hot Icing. The newspaper ad was made to advertise our Rennaisance store, Thou Rose, because there were no televisions back then. I learned how to use a program called google sketchup during this project. I also learned how to make different forms of advertisements.  

Renaissance Store

Modern Store

The commercial for the modern store.

Standard 10.7.5

Produce concise notes for extemporaneous speeches (speeches delivered without a planned script).

Marco Polo Expedition

  This project asked us to examine the different religions of the world. The class was split into groups and each group was assigned a different religion. We had to research the religion, what it is, where it originated, and where it is most commonly found. Then, we went into windows movie maker and made a documentary video. During this project I learned how to work with others. It was one of the first projects we had done. I learned how to use the windows movie maker. I also learned all about judaism.  

Standard 10.2.2

Looking at primary and secondary sources for reserch.

Standard 10.4.3

Use correct language and grammar.

Standard 10.6.2

Understand sentence construction.

Standard 10.6.3

Produce accepable work that conatins writing conventions

Standard 10.6.4

Apply the writing conventions to your work

World Oppression Project

This assignment asked us to write a paper about oppression that has happened or is currently happening in a certain part of the world. We were to compose an essay that would help teach our class about world oppression and then make a webpage that included text, pictures and videos. After making our individual webpages, we were to get together in our group and pick out the most important information from our webpages and out it all together into one group webpage. During this assignment, I learned how to make my essays better by using good sentence structure. I also learned about oppresson in all different parts of the world.  

Standard 10.6.2

Understand sentence construction.

Standard 10.6.3

Produce accepable work that conatins writing conventions

Standard 10.6.4

Apply the writing conventions to your work

Genetic Counseling Project

  This was an individual project. This project asked us to examine the genes of a couple who was planning to have children. We were to look at certain genes they had and predict which genes their children would have depending on the dominance of certain genes. My assignment was to examine a family that had a history of hemophilia on one side and no history on the other side. Hemophilia is a blood disorder that effects the way that the blood clots. The blood may take a longer time to clot that most other peopls blood. I did a couple of punnet squares using the genes of both parents and found that half of their children would have hemophilia. Then I made a pedigree of the family starting at great grandparents and worked my way down to the current generation. We had to present this as if we were the actual genetic counselor. During the course of this class, I have learned many of the things I need to know to pass my ECA for biology, including the information about genetics. I am very proud of myself with this project.  

Biology Standard B.1.21

Understand and explain that the information passed from parents to offspring is passed by genes that are in DNA molecules

Biology Standard B.1,24

  Explain how gene mutations can be caused. Understand that when they occur in sex cells, the mutations can be passed on to offspring; if they occur in other cells,they can be passed on to other cells only  

Biology Standard B.1.28

Show that you know that the sorting and recombination of genes in sexual reproduction results in a great variety of possible gene combinations from the offspring of any two parents. Recognize that genetic variation can occur from such processes as crossing over, jumping genes, and deletion and duplication of genes.


This picture is a pedirgree. Pedigrees are the same as a family tree. The only difference is that a genetic counselor can use this to examine and determine if the children you are planning to have will come out with a certain gene or will have a health problem. The genetic counselor may also be able to tell you which side of the family that the gene or heath problem came from. This pedigree shows that half of the couples children will have hemophilia. It also shows that they got it from their fathers side.

Punnett Square

This picture is a punnett square. Punnett squares are used to determine the genes that a couples children will have. Punnett squares are done by using the geneology of both parents. This is how a genetic counselor is able to tell you what your child may or may not look like and if there is a chance of your child having a disorder. This punnett square shows that there will be two out of the four children that will have hemophilia. The uppercase letter means that the gene will show up and the lower case letter means that the gene will be hidden. If there is a uppercase and lowercase letter, the uppercase letter will always go first and that gene will show up.

Food Bourne Illness project


This food bourne illness is spread by being in contact with someone that is infected or by consuming a prouduct with it in it.  

Biology Standard

New node

New node

The Inventors Project

This project asked our group to choose an inventor and reesearch what they invented. After we had the invention, we had to rebuild it using everyday items. The invention did not have to work; it just had to look like the original one. We also had to make an advertisement about the invention and find a youtube video that explained what it was. My groups inventor was Gugliemo Marconi. He invented the radio telegraph. This transmitted radio signals in the form of morse code. During this project, I learned all about Gugliemo Marconi and The invention of the radio telegraph.

The advertisement

Introductory Letter READ FIRST!

Conlusion READ LAST!

Thank you very much for viewing my portfolio. I am happy to have you see what I have learned this year. I hope that you yhave learned a few things from the information I gave. I believe that this portfolio represents how much I care form my future as a student. I love to learn new things. As I continue to learn, I will focus on being more attentive and try to solve the problems I come across on my own. Now that I have completed this assignment, I feel relieved. I am glad to have someone view it and be able to see how much school means to me.