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Work Portfollio Map by Mind Map: Work Portfollio Map
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Work Portfollio Map


Food Safetly Video


    B.1. Demonstrate that most cells function best within a narrow range of temperature and acidity. Note that extreme changes may harm cells, modifying the structure of their protein molecules and therefore, some possible functions. In Biology I have learned the different types of cells, like prokayotic and eukaryotic. A prokayotic cell has no membrane bound organelles, which are the things inside a cell that help it function. These organelles are not required because this type of cell is simple and has less functions than a eukayotic cell. A eukayotic cell is a cell that contains complex structures (organelles) that are enclosed by membranes. This project was involving microbes and microbes can be prokayotic. I have made a video that discussed microbes and how they are related to food borne illnesses. Prokayotic microbes are discussed in the video. The video explains how certain foods need to be kept at certain temperatures in order  to remain safe. This proves that I understood standard B.1 because microbes need a warm environment to survive thats why meats and some other foods nee to be kept in very low temperatures or very high temperatures.  

The Odyssey

Cover to CD


10.3.1 Analyze the purposes and the characteristics of different forms of dramatic literature (including comedy, tragedy, and dramatic monologue). 10.3.4 Analyze characters' traits by what the characters say about themselves in narration, dialogue, and soliquy (when they speak out loud to themselves). In this project I learned how to analyze a story to get a deeper meaning, then create my own opinion of characters based on their actions and what they say. English learning target 10.3.4 states that a student should be able to analyze character traits by what the characters say about themselves in dialogue and soliquy. In the Odyssey many Odysseus' traits were indicated by what he said to himself because that then reveals what he is thinking. How a person thinks or what a person thinks says plenty about the person's traits. In this project students needed to show an understanding of text and Odysseus. What I had to do was create a CD with 10 songs that went with the story. What I mainly had to focus on was the lyrics. This project was one of my best because I understood the story's theme and I knew a variety of music so it was not difficult finding songs that matched the events and theme of the story. My CD has a picture of the a cyclops on the front and a list of songs on the back. The songs that were put on the CD either related to Odysseus' personality, courage, deviousness, or the specific events that occurred in the Odyssey. I plan to read more classic literature so that my understanding of different types of writing will improve.  


Oppression Website

Oppression Essay


10.2.3 Demonstrate use of sophisticated technology by following technical directions. 10.2.5 Make reasonable statements and draw conclusions about a text, supporting them with accurate examples. I have improved my research skills using secondary sources since the beginning of this class.I have had research multiple topics looking for dependable sites that will provide the most accurate information. The English learning targets that we practiced, 10.2.3, includde using techonology and following technical directions. This project required  us to create a webpage that would help the audiece see the importance of a web page through the information provided. The Oppression website demonstrates that I've practiced learning target 10.2.3 beccause the class needed to a use a website call wix, which I've never used before, and we had to follow specific directions on what needed to be included on the website. This website is proof that I've practiced learning target 10.2.5, which involves makeing reasonable statements and drawing conclusions. The learning target 10.2.5 was not mastered in this project because none of my sentences concluded much, but they left the audience to conclude for themselves. And the purpose for a project like this is to get the audience to see the situation from your point of view and I did not complete that task in this project. In the future in order to improve at these learning targets I will be sure to read the rubic and get a full understanding, I will be sure to have my own opinion to conclude upon, and I will ask my peers to my work befor it is turned in.  

Algebra II


Work Sheet


  Standard 5 - They learn techniques for factoring polynomials in order to solve equations and related word problems. My artifact for Algebra II is one of the most recent tests that I took. On this test Students needed to know how to factor so that they can simplify the rational expressions to its simplest form. This test shows that I am at least proficient in this area because I earned an 82% on the test for this standard. Also I learned the techniques for factoring, like elimination. It's importatnt to know more than one way to solve a problem because an alternative way may be simpler than the origional way.  



Ch.5 Exam


  10.2.  Make educated guesses about meaning in familiar contexts, using cognates and familiar vocabulary. I have learned the basics and essicials of Spanish since starting this class. I have done most of my assignments, quizes and tests; I' ve done well on most and I am still showing improvement. I am able to greet and say goodbye in Spanish in multiple ways. I have also learned different sentence structures in Spanish, and various adjectives to describe people and things and how to conjegate the adjectives. Learning target 10.2.3, was one of many learning targets that were practiced. This learning target states that the average 10th grade student who is studying a foreign language should be able to make educated guesses about what a sentence or paragraph means is talking about based on familiar words in the text. In this exam I was to read a paragraph written in spanish text and answer questions to check my understanding of the text. I was also expected to write a brief convorsation that included the following; Ask my friend what she was doing this weekend, invite her somewhere, and she either agrees or she can not come. I also had to write her responses to my questions.  

3 Essay Comparison

Hero or Criminal Persuasion Essay

Oppression Essay

Service Learning Project Essay


  10.5.2 Write responses to literature that: • demonstrate a comprehensive grasp of the significant ideas of literary works. • support statements with evidence from the text. • extend writing by changing mood, plot, characterization, or voice 10.5.4 Write persuasive compositions that: • organize ideas and appeals in a sustained and effective fashion with the strongest emotional appeal first and the least powerful one last. • use specific rhetorical (communication) devices to support assertions, such as appealing to logic through reasoning; appealing to emotion or ethical belief; or relating a personal anecdote, case study, or analogy. • clarify and defend positions with precise and relevant evidence, including facts, expert opinions, quotations, expressions of commonly accepted beliefs, and logical reasoning. • address readers’ concerns, counterclaims, biases, and expectation 10.5.8  Write for different purposes and audiences, adjusting tone, style, and voice as appropriate During the Hero or Criminal essay I have leaarned how to look for a deeper meaning of a text and how to relate it to something that may seem almost unrelateable. I have made connections between a quote and a story. Learning target 10.5.2 says to Write responses to literature that demonstrate a comprehensive grasp of the significant ideas of literary works. The Hero or Criminal Persuasion Essay demonstrates my ability to respond to literature because I rexplain how the quote that was given to me relates to The Odyssey and I give examples from the text while frequently referring back to the quote to make the connection. The second Essay was about oppression in Cuba. While gathering information for tis essay I learned aloto about the problems Cuban face as far as equal rights and Human Rights. Learning target 10.5.4 states that a persuasion essay should be able to clarify and defend positions with precise and relevant evidence. Though this essay is not a persuasion essay it does take a stand for weather or not oppression is occuring in Cuba and weather its right or wrong. For the Service Learning Project Essay we were supposed to come up with a project that a class could do to help our community and explain why this would be the best project. These three essays were a great representation of how I adjust my voice according to  the audiece which required in learning target 10.5.8 - Write for different purposes and audiences, adjusting tone, style, and voice as appropriate



NWEA Student Progress Report






    B.1.3 Know and describe that within the cell are specialized parts for the transport of materials, energy capture and release, protein building, waste disposal, information feedback, and movement. In addition to these basic cellular functions common to all cells, understand that most cells in multicellular organisms perform some special functions that others do not. The purpose of this project was to get us more familiar with the organelles and their purposes. In this project my group and I created a power that included an explaination of the organelle's purpose and an analagy for the cell its self. Standard B.1.3 says that students should be able to know and describe what's within the cell. That's exactly what this whole project was about. We all learned the functions of different organelles and learned how they corresponded with each other to make the cell function properly. Then we were to present it to the class with a full understanding of a cell and its organelles.

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