New Media in Tourism Communication

a.y. 2008-09

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New Media in Tourism Communication by Mind Map: New Media in Tourism Communication

1. Mind map by: Luisi, Siric, Martinez, Battaini and Luatti

1.1. Analysis Report of group projects

1.1.1. Common parts Table of content Executive summary Goals Knowladge base Methodology

1.1.2. Specific parts for groups Dante 1 & 2, Cities Dante 3 Learn BiTi 1 & 2

1.2. Strategies of internet search engines

1.2.1. Spidering Automatic submissions Money

1.2.2. Indexing Link popluraty Click popularity Money Example of Indexing Google AdWords

1.3. Student's slides

2. mind map by Stefano & Marianna & Giacomo

2.1. WCM Pillars

2.1.1. Contents & Services Quality Criteria Contents Services

2.1.2. Accessibility Tools

2.1.3. Publishers

2.1.4. Clients, Users Who's the Public we are interested in? Where do they usually navigate? How can we convince them to move to our Website? Direct Access to our Website: Link & Backlink Where to publish backlinks? Portals Magazines Official Websites Other Websites

2.2. Students' slides

3. Executive summary

3.1. short

3.2. relevant

3.3. contain main results

3.4. possibility of practical use

4. 03.12.2008

5. Contacts

5.1. Professor: Lorenzo Cantoni

5.2. Assistant: Marco Faré

5.3. Students assistants: Zhang Zhang & Luca Preto

6. Bibliography

6.1. L. Cantoni & Stefano Tardini, Internet, Routledge, London, (paragraph 2.3; chapters 4 and 5)

6.2. L. Cantoni, M. Faré, D. Bolchini, A. Inversini, F. Giulieri, European Cities and Web Tourism Communication: An Indicators-based pilot study, in Proceedings of the Travel Distribution Summit, Europe, Research Conference, Axon Imprint, London 2007, pp. 45-54 (handed out)

6.3. L. Triacca, A. Inversini, D. Bolchini, Evaluating Web Usability with MiLE+ , in Proc. Web Site Evolution Workshop 2005 (WSE 2005), Budapest, September 2005.

6.4. Gretzel, U., Fesenmaier, D.R., O’LearyJ.T. The Trasformation of consumer behaviour. In Buhalis, D. and Costa, C. 2006. Tourism business frontiers. Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, pp 7-18 (handed out)

6.5. Lecture notes (online) + other distributed materials

6.6. (Lorenzo Cantoni’s blog, all items tagged <eTourism> in 2008 up to end of the semester)

6.6.1. iPhone 2.2 Launches, Adds Podcast Downloader and Street View

6.6.2. Virgin Atlantic sacks cabin crew for comments on Facebook

6.6.3. fields suppport modules

6.6.4. Travel Trends: How Consumer Search Behavior is Changing (download here)

6.6.5. UNCTAD e-Tourism Initiative

6.6.6. 66% of American users believe that...

7. 17.09.2008

7.1. mind map by Sara & Florie & Maria

7.1.1. Goals of the course New Technologies used in a Tourism Experience 3 Steps

7.1.2. Students' slides

8. course board

8.1. Practical Information

8.1.1. Content of the course Web Communication Model Observing websites communication: Contents & Services User requirements Users: usability Users: promotion Users: usages analysis Web 2.0

8.1.2. Evaluation of the course Exam Collaborative project

8.2. Report template

9. 24.09.2008

9.1. mind map by Stefania & Barbara & Laura

9.1.1. The Website Communication Model The Web & hotel booking >50% bookings affected by the Web The WCM 4 Pillars 5th element

9.1.2. Students' slides

10. 01.10.2008

11. 08.10.2008

11.1. mind map by Maya, Alberto & Aida

11.1.1. Online Ads and Manifestations: Banners (different types) Effectiveness Audience Time duration Creativity

11.1.2. Search engines Definition Technical bridges Link machines How they work? Respecting 2 rules Positioning

11.1.3. Student slides

12. 22.10.2008

12.1. mind map by Berton, Moreni, Garnero

12.1.1. Search engine Two problems Kind of documents Keywords Search Process Spidering Indexing Answering Ranking Algorithm Intrisic data Extrinsic data

12.2. Student's slides

13. 05.11.2008

14. 12.11.2008

14.1. Mind map by Abdul Aziz,Brenna,Yawen,Brack, Tretyakevich, Stefania

14.1.1. Google advertising campaign name of campaign budget targeting key words current beat CPC clicks impressions CTR, if CTR is <1% stop campaign lower position ask more money average CPC cost average position

14.1.2. Aims of search engines provide relevant results earn money

14.1.3. Geographic Information System Google maps Mappy Michelin, etc.

14.1.4. Wayback machine

14.1.5. Students' slides

15. 19.11.2008

15.1. mind map by Papadopoulos, Savarise, Ciannamea, Petruchik, Kaufmann

15.1.1. Personalization Collecting information about users Webserver Software analyser

15.1.2. Student's slides

16. Project presentations (10.12.2008)

16.1. BiTi-1

16.2. BiTi-2

16.3. Dante-1

16.4. Dante-2

16.5. Dante-3

16.6. LEARN

16.7. Cities