8B Study Skills:

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8B Study Skills: by Mind Map: 8B Study Skills:

1. Course Description: Study skills is a class designed to help student develop skills and strategies to work towards success in content area classes. Study skills is designed to help students reach their IEP goals as well as receive extra time for assessments and assistance with content area courses.

2. Course Goals: Demonstrate ability to apply study skills and habits . Develop self-awareness, success, and independence in content area classes. Demonstrate methods and strategies of a model student.

3. Module 2: Goals Students will be able to: -Develop a long term goal to work towards over the school year. -Develop a short term goal to reach this marking period.

4. Module 3: Obstacles to Concentration Students will be able to: -Identify personal obstacles to concentration. -Develop strategies to minimize distractions when working.

5. Module 4: Study Plan Students will be able: -Identify current study habits -Utilize study skills strategies when creating a study plan -Create a study guide for an upcoming assessment

6. Module 5: Time Management Students will be able to: Determine how they currently spend time Keep track of time used in the classroom Create a goal to better implement time management skills

7. Module 1: Setting Priorities Students will be able to... -List their personal responsibilities in both school and home life. -Prioritize responsibilities based on urgency and importance.

8. Audience: This course is created for 8th grade special education classified students at Hillsborough Middle School on team 8B.