Jeffery Murawski's Portfolio

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Jeffery Murawski's Portfolio by Mind Map: Jeffery Murawski's Portfolio

1. Nelsons essay

1.1. communication standard 3.2.0

1.2. rubric, basically stay quiet and do the essay in memory of japan and to realize what actually happened.

1.3. my reflection on this would be that i would have stayed more focused while typing this because when i get into typing my own story i get creative at making it up.

2. Vocab For World History.

2.1. 2.34.0

2.2. my reflection on this is that i did this half way and the way i look at it now in a more mature way like hey i wanna make this up.-

3. Goals for Testing Success

3.1. standard 10.718 comp..

3.2. Reflection

4. Ela 2 English Andrew Carnigie

4.1. 10.1.1

4.2. some of the rubric was that we do research on our person and basically explain what he was know for and explain why.

5. Genetic Counselor

5.1. 2.22.0

5.2. Reflections

6. Speakers That Came In

6.1. 1.02.2

6.2. staying quiet and learn.

7. slavery in south africa


7.2. New node

7.3. In this project i felt like i i put forth great effort. so i couldn't ask for anything better for this project that i and my group had completed.