Tiffany Matlock

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Tiffany Matlock by Mind Map: Tiffany Matlock

1. we had to make a powerpoint of the career we wanted to go into after high school,tell how much money you would make,tell how much years of college you need,tell what you would be doing in the job an who would you be able to work with while at that job and finally give the reasons why you want to have this job and tell other people avidce for the reasons of getting this job and if you dont like working with sick people dont get into this type of work force or career.

2. web page of cuba

2.1. Reseached your oppersion

2.2. 10.5.5 emphasize main ideas or images.

2.3. We as a group of 5-6 people had to a web page all together on oppresions in the country.

3. Letters to your selfs.

3.1. Writing and checking vocab errors .

3.2. 10.4.1. Discuss ideas for writing with classmates,teachetrs and others writers and develop drafts alone and collaboraivety.

3.3. the letters that we wrote to ourselfs for our futher selfs when we graute.

4. Nelson Mandela

4.1. Reseach

4.2. 10.5.1 describe sequence of events and communticate the significance of the events to the audience.

4.3. inteviewing a important person to find there impact on the world that they made.

5. Nursing

5.1. powerpoint of career

5.2. New node

6. Chirstianity

6.1. World history.

6.2. 10.7.19 deliver descriptive presentations that establish a clear point of view on the subject of the presenation.

6.3. I reseached the influnce of chirstanity in the world today and the political influnce of chirstianity.

7. Visual vocab

7.1. Look up the vocab words

7.2. Lanuage arts and meanings of a word to remeber in the futher.

7.3. Reaseach the word,the meaning of the word with a picture to go with the meaning of that word.

8. NWEA Scores

8.1. From summer to winter to spring scores.

8.2. 10.1.2 distinguish between what words mean literally and what they imply and interpret what words imply.

8.3. From summer to winter to spring scores of NWEA.

9. Personals

9.1. Personal Webpage