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My Success In High School. by Mind Map: My Success In High School.
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My Success In High School.


A1.6.2 Multiply and divide monomials.

Worksheet over monomials


Starting this worksheet I had trouble understanding monomials(multiplying them and dividing them). I payed more attention and got help from my math teachers. Later on I understood monomials and actually enjoyed math even more. This worshhet helped me a lot and I'm pretty sure it'll help me with my ECA.


CMP.1.13 Develop presentations using clear research questions and creative and critical research strategies, such as conducting field studies, interviews, and experiments; researching oral histories; and using Internet sources.



In English I have learned how to wite essays appropiately and how to recognize errors. I have written many essays about different stuff and I've learned new things in how to adrres my writing and what knew things to add in my writing. Recognizing the errosr in an essay is also familiar with me because we practice it a lot in English class.


B.1.21 Understand and explain that the information passed from parents to offspring is transmitted by means of genes which are coded in DNA molecules

Genetics/Burned Book(DNA)


IN Bio-Heatlh I learned the steps of DNA of it's phases. The phases such as Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase. Interphase and Cytokenisis are also involved in these phases. In this project I made a burned book using wood to represent The phases of DNA. There were four peices of wood representing each face. In this project, not I only learned the steps on DNA, but I learned what happens in each phase of DNA. This project really helped me understand DNA and I recommend anyone to this project if there having problems with the phases of DNA.

World History


  10.5.8 Write for different purposes and audiences, adjusting tone, style, and voice as appropriate. 10.3.4 Analyze characters' traits by what the characters say about themselves in narration, dialogue, and soliloquy (when they speak out loud to themselves).  

Interview with Che Guevara


In this assignment called Interview with Che Guevara I researched about Ernesto and learned a lot.


A1.4.2 Find the slope, x-intercept, and y-intercept of a line given its graph, its equation, or two points on the line. Example: Find the slope and y-intercept of the line 4x r 6y t 12

Prepare for Algebra ECA


In success class I prepared for the ECA doing all types of math. We focused with slopes and graphing linear equations. We had packets that involved many different problems and practiced. In success class I learned slope and how to graph linear equations. In my opinion, I think tis will help me in the ECA and prepare me like it was suppose too.

Cross Country



I do cross country because it gets me in shape for Wrestling.


2 mile



In track season, I have learned a lot about running. I have improved a lot too. My time for the two mile has gotten better. This hard work that've put in will show in Cross country. I hope my hard work pays off.


Prepare for English ECA


Hi deff has helped me a lot. I learned how to construct my sentences and my vocabulary has increased. Other than English, I can learn to do other things such as TiChei. I plan on attending Hi Def because I get the help I need.


Dear reader, Hello, my name is Eduardo Isaac Villarreal and I am a sophomore at Calumet High School. My favorite sport is wrestling and I love MMA. Cain Velasquez, an MMA fighter, is my inspiration. I like acting goofy and I am outgoing, but sometimes shy and quiet. People just do not know me. My prefered taste in music is rock, and I absolutely love enchiladas. A beautiful and incomparable mother is always by my side guiding me for the best. My five-year-old neice, Rebecca, is basically the only thing that keeps me in school. My amazing best-friend, girlfriend, Savanna is everything I could ask for. She keeps me on track, hoping the best for me. I moved here from Mexico City in 1998. Living in Texas until I was seven, I moved to East Chicago. After living four years in East Chicago, I moved to Gary, Indiana. Coming to America was difficult becuase of the language. It took me two years after moving to learn English, affecting my grade level. Because of this, I hate English. I plan on graduating for my own good. The best part of school is the education I recieve. I may not need it now, but I know it will come in handy one day. The thing that keeps my grades up is the desire to obtain a wrestling scholarship. Besides sports, math is the next best thing I love to do. My least favorite subject is English because I come from a hispanic heritage. After school programs, such as tutoring, homework help, and a program called Hi Def, have helped me a lot. They have made my vocabulary increase and my sentence structure has improved. Thanks to these programs, I keep moving on without a doubt about homework, projects, etc. One way I can improve is leaving sports aside and focusing on my education. By doing so, I would not have to worry about more responsabilities. I am a very mind driven person. For example, if I join a sport, my goal is to not quit. Making this portfolio was a new experience in technology. Everything was announced quickly and I was lost on what to do. But, my girlfriend pushed me into completing my work. If it wasn't for her, this would not be completed. Next year, I want to keep my grades up. One way I can do this is dividing my time where I can complete my homework and attend sports. I plan on accomplishing my studies because if I recieve a scholarship for wrestling, I need to prepare myself for college. In order to participate, this will need to be accomplished. Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to read my portfolio. I learned a lot over the past two years and I hope next year, I will be able to show how much I have accomplished. In my junior year, I plan on demonstrating my full potential in New Tech. Sincerly, Eduardo Isaac Villarreal  


Thank you for taking your time to read this portfolio. Next year, I plan to have more accomplished and have all work completed. Because I did not take this project to my full potential, it is not as good as it could be if I spent my time on it. At first, in the begining, I decided to not do the project, But Savanna told me that I needed to get it done. I did not finish all of the porfolio, but I did what I could complete in a short amount of time. I hope your not disappointed in the quality of the work. Thank you, Eduardo Villarreal

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