Benefits of travelling

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Benefits of travelling by Mind Map: Benefits of travelling

1. Makes you a more well-rounded human being

1.1. Will broaden your mind and vision, give you perspective, expands your awareness

1.1.1. Makes you appreciate more the things you had at home

1.2. Improves proactivity, independent thinking and acting

1.3. Gives you a break for relaxation and reflection, time to think and observe

1.4. Helps you learn who you are, think about some big questions

1.4.1. "...there ain't no journey what don't change you some." ~David Mitchell

1.5. Gives you a sense of accomplishment, increases your confidence

2. Creates precious friendships

2.1. Improves Interdependency

3. Education

3.1. Teaches you things like no class can

3.2. Different culture, lifestyles, food, music, people and places will inspire you

3.3. helps you learn new languages

3.4. Makes you more open-minded

4. Adventure

4.1. Challanges you, faces you your fears

4.2. Breaks your routines (which make time fly away senseless)

4.3. Shakes your daily life up, helps you balance

5. Gives you cool stories to tell and memories to remember

5.1. "We are the sum of our experiences" ~Gilovich

6. "The world is a book and those who don't travel, read only one page." ~Augustin of Hippo

7. Do it in your early 20's

7.1. Figure out what you want before you go to college

7.2. Your mind is still young, free and curious; you'll enjoy everything more

7.3. Once in the working life, many have that pressure to always do something and when you finally understand that you don't have too, you may already have kids or similar

7.4. The earlier you experience all these benefits, the better