Microsoft Envision Orlando 2017

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Microsoft Envision Orlando 2017 by Mind Map: Microsoft Envision Orlando 2017

1. Day 1

1.1. Envision Keynote

1.1.1. Key Principles Digital Transformation Enpower People Inclusion Trust Intelligent Cloud + Intelligent Edge Devices & Services

1.1.2. Microsoft Mission Empower People and Companies to Achieve More

1.1.3. Four Solution Areas Modern Workplace Microsoft 365 Mixed Reality / Hololens / VR Microsoft Teams Bing for Business Cortana Business Applications Dynamics 365 LinkedIn Base Apps and Infrastructure Azure AI First Data & AI

1.1.4. Next Frontier Mixed Reality & AI + Quantum Computing

1.2. Enpower Business Transformation

1.2.1. Intelligent Cloud + Intelligent Devices Multi Device, Multi Sense AI Powered, Humans as Second Layer Server-less

1.2.2. Market Potential 25B - PC 250B - Client/Server 2,5T - Mobile/Cloud 4,5T - Intelligent Cloud/Intelligent Edge

1.2.3. Four Pillars Results EMPOWER Employees ENGAGE Customers OPTIMIZE Operations TRANSFORM Products

1.2.4. Intelligence of a System completely dependant on Data Quality and Availability

1.2.5. Digital Transformation = Industry + Technology

1.2.6. Cases Auckland UBS Carlsberg Marc Jacobs OmahA Public Schools Stryker Rolls Royce

1.3. The Art of Transformation

1.3.1. Interview with GE Vice Chair

1.3.2. Partnerships and Connections for Innovation

1.3.3. To Be in the Market / Scouting

1.3.4. Leader as a Coach with Vision

1.3.5. Worked Well Anticipate Change Lean Manufacturing Agile Methodologies / MVP Coach Development

1.3.6. Mistakes Enforce digital transformation underestimating process and people transformation Learning Curve for Agile Methodologies

1.4. Hit Refresh: a conversation with Satya Nadella

1.4.1. From mother mindfulness and less anxiety

1.4.2. From father ambition and intellectual curiosity

1.4.3. Limits of Rationality

1.4.4. Importance of Vision and Empathy

1.4.5. Zayn - Special Needs Child

1.4.6. The nature of every business is to anticipate and serve unarticulated customer needs

1.4.7. AI as a tool to enhance human capabilities

1.4.8. AGI is not Microsoft priority

1.4.9. Positive outlook on AI (i.e. Jobs)

1.4.10. Sees Microsoft as a platform company

1.5. Powering the Financial Services Industry

1.5.1. Regulatory Pressure

1.5.2. 70% Budget to Run the Bank, 30% to Change the Bank (Market Average) Half of CTB for regulatory Tendency is for these ratio to invert: 40% RTB, 60% CTB

1.5.3. Quickly moving to the cloud with more revenue from digital channels Four years ago... Too many regulations, no point in even discussing Cloud... Two years ago... The cloud is inevitable, but the timing is not right... Today Tell me how to get there in a compliant way 7 of Top 8 Insurers 23 of top 26 Banks

1.5.4. Structured approach to regulatory organizations Over 55 Regulators engaged in the last 12 months

1.5.5. LATAM growing more than every other region

1.5.6. From Next Best Action (Profit) to Last Best Action (Experience) From Self to Social to Messaging to AI

1.5.7. Low Loyalty

1.5.8. Main Challenge: to aggregate internal and external information on Customer

1.5.9. Wonderful tools need wonderful processes

1.5.10. Future Investment Trends BI/Analytics Digital Marketing Infrastructure / Data Center CRM the LESSER focus of all

1.6. Microsoft's Sales Transformation

1.6.1. +20.000 people on Sales and Marketing

1.6.2. NPS as basis for compensation with utilization

1.6.3. Machine-learning based segmentation

1.6.4. Strong focus on LinkedIn

1.7. Changing Culture to Change Course

1.7.1. Workforce Trends Scarcity Skills Purpose Inclusion

1.7.2. Growth Mindset From Know It All to Learn It All

2. Day 2

2.1. Modern Finance

2.1.1. Data is the New Currency

2.1.2. Key Points What Happened? Why? What Will Happen? What Should I do?

2.1.3. Chatbot Credit, Collections, Procurement

2.1.4. Disruption Tendencies (Part of the Business) AI and People Robotics Focus on Outcomes Blockchain

2.1.5. Challenges Underestimation of Complexity Cost Outcome (Strategy)

2.1.6. From Products to Subcription

2.1.7. CFO Mindset from Costs to Outcomes

2.2. Transforming the Customer Experience in Retail

2.2.1. Data and Cortana to interact proactively with Customer

2.2.2. Chatbot for product recommendation Go where the customer is

2.2.3. Chatbot to simplify menus and customer interaction

2.2.4. Store Beacons

2.2.5. Strong Partnership with Adobe

2.2.6. Everybody does omnichannel but with tremendous rupture between each channel Fragmented data Stop thinking about channel, start thinking about Customer Content, Prople, Process

2.2.7. Retailers are in denial regarding digital Hold on to product and supply chain mentality Need for a SERVICE mentality

2.3. Transforming Politics and Beyond

2.3.1. Everything started with e-mail marketing

2.3.2. Howard Dean as pioneer in 2004

2.3.3. Integrate strategy with the digital world From 13% to 75% of US adults using a social network from 2006 to 2016

2.3.4. Obama Community Focus Voluntaries Grassroots Efforts Snowflake Model MyBO Portal

2.3.5. Future Texting Digitally Organized Events

2.4. Securing the Digital Estate

2.4.1. GDPR took Microsoft to rethink a general, common security architecture for all products

2.4.2. 2018: Year of Privacy and Secutity

2.4.3. 90% of Digital Attacks start by Phishing

2.4.4. +3.500 people in Information Security

2.4.5. Think about Weakest Chainlink Cyberspace is the new battlefield Microsoft and partners as first responders

2.4.6. When everything is connected, everything can be disrupted

2.5. Courage in the face of Opportunity

2.5.1. Michelle Obama's Interview

3. Day 3

3.1. Transforming Marketing to Create Impact

3.1.1. Focus on Your Fans Before they focused on competition Fan Engagement Love Advocacy Fan Passions can be unexpected Fan Higher Value and Usage Earned One at a time and lost in droves

3.1.2. Fan Strategy Do Right Surprise Delight Make Exceptional Products Crate Connections

3.1.3. Business Model From Product to Customer LTV Device-centric to User-centric and Consumption-centric

3.2. Delivering Digital Transformation in Customer Care with AI

3.2.1. HP/Microsoft Case 191 Countries 68,6M Assisted Cases per Year 1B USD in CSS

3.2.2. From Painful/Inefficient and Costly to Satisfying, Efficient and Profitable

3.2.3. From decision-tree to constant analysis on every documentation and open resolution suggestion

3.2.4. Agent as facilitator Machine solves the problem Agent seeks to earn the Fan AI on-going with agent

3.3. Modernize your Operations

3.3.1. Product orientation in accordance to BO CMO, CFO, VP Sales, CPO, etc

3.3.2. Dynamics 365 Session

3.3.3. Each Pillar Will Have Core Solution Modular Apps Insights Through CDS

3.3.4. Constant Disruption Through end of intermediation

3.3.5. Digital transformation must be TOP/DOWN

3.3.6. Omnichannel Takes TIME and MONEY

3.3.7. DATA STRATEGY is Paramount to Business Transformation

3.3.8. From Data, Intelligence