Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali by Mind Map: Salvador Dali

1. Famous Works of Art

1.1. "The Persistence of Memory", a 1931 painting of melting clocks

1.2. "The Basket of Bread", a 1926 painting of sliced bread and butter in a basket

1.3. "Lobster Telephone", a Surrealist object created in 1936

2. Personality

2.1. Eccentric

2.2. Flamboyant

2.3. Imaginitive

3. Early Life

3.1. Born on May 11, 1904 in Figueres, Spain.

3.2. Dali was painting at a very young age. He painted "Landscape Near Figueres" at the age of 6!

3.3. Dali had a strained and complex relationship with his father, a lawyer and strict authoritarian.

4. Career

4.1. Dali was a famous Spanish surrealist artist.

4.2. Dali produced over 1500 paintings during his lifetime. He also did sculptures, book illustrations, designs for theater sets, and even an animated short film for Disney.

4.3. Dali's art was often influenced by his strong political views. He was part of the "Dada" movement, a European avant-garde artistic movement of the early 20th century.