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About Me by Mind Map: About Me

1. Childhood

1.1. Birth

1.1.1. Born December 4, 1996 and raised in Jacksonville, Florida

1.1.2. Actual name: Margaret Mary (always went by Margaret for simplicity reasons)

1.1.3. Random fact: neither of my parents remember my birth (my father does recall thinking I would be a boy ... he was mistaken)

1.2. Family

1.2.1. 1 of 7 children (Number 5)

1.2.2. 2 parents, 3 brothers, 3 sisters, 1 brother in law (though considered a brother), 1 nephew (favorite person EVER) = 11 total in household (sadly no pets)

1.2.3. Many, many cousins (about 40 first cousins alone, all in the same neighborhood too)

1.3. Early life

1.3.1. Had fun by: playing pretend, watching movies/cartoons, video games, and dueling with siblings (first/main friends in life)

1.3.2. Family trips: skiing/snowboarding in Colorado or North Carolina, boating and tubing in the Keys, visiting relatives in Louisiana, traveling in Europe

1.3.3. Very "family first" childhood (remains so even now)

2. Random Things

2.1. Interests

2.1.1. Day spent: sleeping (when allowed), dreaming/wondering, thinking/learning

2.1.2. Hobbies: reading, drawing, traveling, music, movies

2.1.3. Random fact: used to take dance and tumbling (have always wanted to play piano...still do)

2.2. Plans

2.2.1. Never had any real "plans" in life (nor ambitions for that's an issue)

2.2.2. Do hope to travel though, while volunteering and/or teaching English abroad

2.2.3. Countries to visit: Japan, New Zealand, England, the Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Morocco, South Africa, China, South Korea, Canada, etc.

2.3. Some Thoughts (because why not)

2.3.1. Never assume another's thoughts, feelings, or actions

2.3.2. There's no reason to ever be bored

2.3.3. Maintain an open mind, there will always be more to learn, know, and understand

2.3.4. Bonus: always treat others with patience, kindness, and respect (we are all merely human)

3. Education

3.1. Grade School (Pre-K - 8th)

3.1.1. Attended the same school as my mother, her siblings, and my siblings

3.1.2. Was know as the "Nice Girl" or the "Perfectionist"(these were even my superlatives)

3.1.3. Random fact: enjoyed/got more out of middle school than high school

3.2. High School

3.2.1. Again, attended the same school as my mother, her siblings, my siblings, and our cousins

3.2.2. Valued the education but didn't really care for school culture (the "extras" that come with attending high school...)

3.2.3. Participated in 13 clubs senior year though (was even President of one and a part of councils in others)

3.3. University (my favorite thus far)

3.3.1. Originally planned to attend school out of state (decided to stay instate to save money and be near family)

3.3.2. Decided major during orientation (not the best plan) and have since changed it

3.3.3. Currently majoring in Education (still unsure of track) and minoring in Hospitality/Event management