My Growth of school Portfolio

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My Growth of school Portfolio by Mind Map: My Growth of school Portfolio

1. Writing Reflections

1.1. Learning about our grammar, usage, vocab,and writing.

2. World History/English 10

2.1. "Where Are They Now?"

2.2. "The Industrial Revolution"

2.3. World Oppression and Slavery: Past to Present

2.4. "The Adventures of Marco Polo"

3. Algebra 1

3.1. The Buck Starts Here

3.2. Math Interium 1

3.3. Math Interium 2

3.4. Math Interium 3

4. Bio-health

4.1. Baby No baby

4.1.1. Baby No Baby talking about Punnett Squares and how they work. BABY STEPS: 1. determine the genotypes of the parent organisms 2. write down your "cross" (mating) 3. draw a p-square 4. "split" the letters of the genotype for each parent & put them "outside" the p-square 5. determine the possible genotypes of the offspring by filling in the p-square 6. summarize results (genotypes & phenotypes of offspring) 7. bask in the glow of your accomplishment!

4.2. Genetics Consoler

4.3. DNA in the Courtroom

5. Learning Strategies

5.1. The teachers help us out alot more then the rest of the teachers. The teachers help you out more then the other teachers that have to watch all the students in one room.