Dean College Internal R3

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Dean College Internal R3 by Mind Map: Dean College Internal R3

1. Student Life

1.1. Content Note: • Use content from "Student Life On Campus". Page should be focused on how great it is living on the Dean campus (sports and recreation, arts/culture, etc.). • Link to things that a student can also do off campus

1.2. Living on Campus

1.2.1. Residence Halls Content Note: • This should be a list of the Residence Halls, with what comes standard in each hall • Information about laundry (where are the laundry facilities, how much are they, etc.)

1.2.2. Becoming A Resident Content Note: • This page will be the new home of many of the Residence Life FAQs • Things such as How do I become a resident? How do I find a roommate? What if I want a single room? Do I get to pick a room?

1.2.3. What To Bring With You

1.2.4. Move-In Day

1.2.5. Housing Agreement

1.3. Being A Commuter

1.3.1. Content Note: • Currently "Commuter Students"

1.4. Dining

1.4.1. Content Note: • Currently "Dining Services"

1.5. Student Involvement

1.5.1. Content Note: • Be sure to add a link to "Athletics" • Includes Community Service

1.6. Health & Counseling Services

1.6.1. Content Note: • All waivers and forms should live in this area

1.6.2. Health Services Health Services FAQs

1.6.3. Required Health Forms

1.6.4. Health Insurance Waiver

1.6.5. Counseling Services Additional Counseling Resources

1.6.6. Emergency Services

1.7. Campus Safety

2. Support & Success

2.1. Content Note: • Dean has a robust and highly integrated career development program • This is the space for Dean to talk about all the opportunities students are offered outside of the traditional classroom that have a huge impact on a student’s success after they graduate • Feature contact information for the Office of Career Planning & Internships

2.2. Student Services & Resources

2.2.1. Learning Support Services Tier One Services Writing and Math Centers Accessibility Services Tutoring Services Tier Two Services Academic Coaching Tier Three Services Arch Learning Community

2.2.2. Technology Service Center

2.2.3. Advising Transfer Services

2.2.4. Technology

2.3. Career Planning & Internships

2.3.1. Content Note: • Content will need to be added about how internships and real world experience are essential to a Dean education • Add list of Recent Internship Placements to this page -

2.3.2. Internships Content Note: • focus on Dean’s 4-Year Plan

2.3.3. Dean CareerLink

2.3.4. Finding a Career That Fits You Content Note: • Use content from "Career Planning Student Resources" • Add "Self Exploration Resources" (Links to O*NET and The ACT)

2.3.5. Career Resources

2.4. After Dean

2.4.1. Content Note: • This is a great place to feature alumni stories • This section is designed to highlight the amazing things that Dean alumni go on to do. Whether that is a four-year program, graduate school, or getting a job, anyone visiting the site should know that Dean alumni are successful individuals. • Use stats like "98% of our associate degree students are accepted as transfer students in their bachelor’s degree program of choice" or "96% of our bachelor’s degree recipients are employed or enrolled in graduate school within 12 months of graduation" (if appropriate) • Content from "Student Outcomes" can also be used • Use stories from "Associate Degree | Student Outcomes" - to support the lists of job and graduate school placements

2.4.2. School Placements Content Note: • Graduate and BA transfers

2.4.3. Where Our Alumni Work Content Note: • Use content from "Recent Job Placements"

2.4.4. Results Content Note: • the ROI of ‘Why Attend Dean’ with facts and graphs showing our impact on our students Taken from: Include content such as ROI stats (transfer rate, jobs, etc.). Example:

3. Secondary Nav

3.1. Athletics

3.1.1. Visual Design Note: Make this stand out, like

3.2. News & Events

3.2.1. Dean College Blog

3.2.2. Events Commencement Dean Leadership Institute

3.3. Alumni

3.3.1. Content Note: • pages in this area should all contain: CTA to Send Us Your Updates, social media links and link to Contact Us

3.3.2. Alumni Events & Activities

3.3.3. Volunteer Opportunities

3.3.4. Alumni Services & Benefits Content Note: • Use content from "Requests and Resources" • And add a callout to Update Your Information • Combine with Alumni Benefits - Update Your Information

3.3.5. Alumni Awards

3.3.6. Send Us Your Updates

3.3.7. Dean Magazine

3.4. Giving

3.4.1. Ways to Give Donate Online Endowed Scholarships Planning Giving Commemorative Pieces Dean Athletics Gifts

3.4.2. Leadership Giving Societies

3.4.3. Office of Institutional Advancement Content Note: • The "Institutional Advancement Team" list should live here

3.5. Box Office

3.6. Search

4. Cost & Aid

4.1. Applying for Financial Aid

4.1.1. Content Note: • Use the content from the top of "Financial Aid Options"

4.2. Finding Scholarships

4.2.1. Content Note: • Add some content about the scholarship that transfer students are considered for at admission

4.3. Financial Assistance Programs

4.3.1. Content Note: • Use the content from the bottom of "Financial Aid Options" • Includes grants, student loan programs, federal work study and scholarships

4.4. Payment Plans & Financing Options

4.4.1. Content Note: • Add content from "Paying Your Bill"

4.5. Tuition & Fees

4.6. Net Price Calculator

4.7. Financial Literacy Resources

4.8. Financial Aid Links & Forms

4.8.1. Content Note: • To work towards the goal of being the premier source of financial aid information, Fastspot has decided to break out the Financial Aid section from the Admissions section • There is currently very little detailed content about the process one must go through to obtain financial aid with Dean College • Fastspot suggests adding a checklist of actions or documents as well as a timeline showing when actions need to be completed

4.9. The Value of Dean

5. Admissions

5.1. Content Note: • The Admissions section is all about the admissions process and the different paths that might take

5.2. Apply Now

5.3. Visit Campus

5.3.1. Content Note: • Be sure to provide a link to "Maps & Directions"

5.3.2. Campus Tours & Personal Interviews

5.3.3. Create Your Own Visit

5.3.4. High School Visits and College Fairs

5.3.5. Open Houses Content Note: • Use "Area Hotels" from "Directions and Campus Map"

5.3.6. Summer Preview Days

5.3.7. Saturdays with Dean

5.3.8. Virtual Tour

5.3.9. Area Hotels

5.4. New Students

5.4.1. First-Time College Students Content Note: • Fastspot recommends combining these two degree programs in admissions because the process is essentially the same Application Process Content Note: • Currently "Dean College Online Application"

5.4.2. Transfer Students Transfer Application Process Transfer Scholarships Transfer Agreements Mass Transfer Pathway

5.4.3. International Students International Application Process English Proficiency and ESL Support Scholarships

5.4.4. Home School Students

5.4.5. Adult Learner and Part-Time Learners

5.5. Accepted Students

5.5.1. Submit Your Enrollment Deposit

5.5.2. Accepted Student Checklist

5.5.3. Accepted Students Day

5.5.4. Important Dates

5.5.5. New Student Orientation

5.5.6. International Student Orientation Content Note: • Fastspot recommends that you do not use the word "assimilate" when talking about international students • Assimilation often carries the connotation that a person must get rid of their culture and customs to be able to adopt new ones, thus implying that what they bring with them is unacceptable

5.6. Families

5.7. Counselors

5.8. Connect With Us

5.8.1. Request Information

5.8.2. Admissions Counselors & Staff

6. Footer

6.1. Content Note: Apply, Contact Us and Visit Campus should be grouped visually in design.

6.2. Apply

6.3. Contact Us

6.4. Visit Campus

6.5. Maps & Directions

6.5.1. Content Note: • Use everything except "Area Hotels" from "Directions and Campus Map"

6.6. Directory

6.7. Employment Opportunities

6.8. Children's Center

6.8.1. Content Note: • Fastspot has moved the Children's Center out of the Academics section because it a very different program with a completely difference audience • Fastspot also recommends that Dean explore setting this section up as a sub-domain or an entirely different site

6.9. Adult & Part-Time Learners

6.10. Pre-College & Summer Programs

7. About Dean

7.1. Content Note: • Split up and incorporate content from "Dean at a Glance" to better leverage the information and facts that Dean would like to showcase

7.2. The Dean Difference

7.2.1. Content Note: This is Dean at a Glance content with intro discussing The Dean Difference

7.2.2. Annual Traditions

7.3. History & Mission

7.4. Leadership

7.4.1. Content Note: • Same design as the Faculty and Staff pages

7.4.2. Administration

7.5. Dean College Blog

7.5.1. Link Note: The blog lives in the News & Events section; this is simply a cross-link.

8. Academics

8.1. Content Note: • This section is designed to show the wide range of academic programs and services that Dean offers. It will also be where all of the information that relates to for-credit academic work lives • It is a great place to talk about things like the student-faculty interactions and feature a link to the NSSE results

8.2. Majors & Degrees

8.2.1. Degree Programs Content Note: • Major pages need to provide links to the school they belong to and their faculty / Add Associate Degree Majors to this list. Arts and Entertainment Management Business Management Communications Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Management Dance English History Liberal Arts and Studies Psychology Sociology Sport Fitness Sport Management Theatre

8.2.2. Certificate and Part-Time Degree Programs Content Note: This page will have a list of all the Continuing Studies Associate and Bachelor programs (including part-time) Accounting Administration of Early Childhood Education Business Business Management Communications Cybersecurity Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education for Infants/Toddlers Fundraising General Studies Health Science Human Resource Management Liberal Arts and Studies Marketing Psychology Small Business Management

8.2.3. I'm Undecided Content Note: Includes information on the MAP program.

8.3. Schools

8.3.1. Content Note: • "What to Expect" content should be incorporated into the main page and be a section that is on every school's main page • Each school will also have a list of the programs (Bachelor's, Associate, and Certificate) that they teach • Faculty pages will live within their respective schools

8.3.2. School of the Arts School of the Arts Faculty & Staff

8.3.3. School of Business School of Business Faculty & Staff

8.3.4. Palladino School of Dance Palladino School of Dance Faculty & Staff

8.3.5. School of the Liberal Arts & Sciences School of Liberal Arts & Sciences Faculty & Staff

8.3.6. School of Continuing Studies School of Continuing Studies Faculty & Staff

8.4. Study Away

8.4.1. Content Notes: - includes sections for Academic Courses with Travel, Study Away, Study Abroad, Eligibility

8.5. Honors Program

8.6. Student Support & Resources

8.6.1. Content Note: • Links directly into Student Services & Resources in Support & Success

8.7. Academic Resources

8.7.1. Academic Catalog

8.7.2. Library

8.7.3. Registrar

8.7.4. Bookstore

8.8. Center for Business, Entertainment, & Sports Management

8.9. Innovation in Teaching

8.9.1. National Endowment for the Humanities Grant

8.9.2. Rooney-Shaw Center