Lauren - Enrolled Nurse

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Lauren - Enrolled Nurse by Mind Map: Lauren - Enrolled Nurse

1. Law

1.1. Duty of Care

1.2. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA)

1.2.1. Health Practitioner Regulation National Law

1.2.2. Continuing Professional Development Registration Standard

1.2.3. Criminal History Registration Standard

1.2.4. English Language Skills Registration Standard

1.2.5. Professional Indemnity Insurance Arrangements Registration Standard

1.2.6. Recency of Practice Registration Standard

1.3. Organisational procedure and policies

1.4. Government policies

1.5. Health Practitioner Regulation National Law

1.6. Work and Health Safety (WHS) Act 2011

1.7. Children's Protection Act 1993

1.8. DCSI

1.8.1. Vulnerable Person

1.8.2. Aged Care Sector

1.8.3. Disability Services

1.8.4. Child-Related

1.9. Immunisations

1.9.1. Hep B

1.9.2. Hep A

1.9.3. Influenza

2. Ethics

2.1. Quality nursing care

2.2. Respect and kindness for self and others

2.3. Value diversity

2.4. Informed decision making

2.5. Culture of safety

2.6. Ethical management of information

2.7. Promoting health and wellbeing

2.7.1. Economically

2.7.2. Socially

2.7.3. Ecologically

3. Standards of Practice

3.1. Engage in ongoing development of self as a professional

3.2. Function in accordance with the law, policies and procedures

3.2.1. Knowledge and understanding

3.2.2. Fulfils duty of care

3.2.3. Knowledge of guidelines

3.2.4. Follow the agreed care plan

3.2.5. Recognise own limitations

3.2.6. Reports immediately to the RN if unsafe practice occurs

3.3. Practise within safety and quality improvement guidelines and standards

3.4. Provides skilled and timely care to people whilst promoting independence and involvement in care decision making

3.5. Ensure the rights, confidentiality, dignity and respect of people are upheld

3.5.1. Practises in accordance with the NMBA standards codes and guidelines

3.5.2. Demonstrates respect for others

3.5.3. Maintains equitable care when addressing people’s differing values and beliefs

3.6. Communicate and use documentation to inform and report care

3.7. Accepts accountability for own actions and responsibilties

3.7.1. Recognises the RN is the person responsible to assist EN decision making and provision of nursing care

3.8. Interprets information from a range of sources in order to contribute to planning appropriate care

3.8.1. Health care technology Computers Electronic record keeping Ipads

3.9. Collaborates with the RN and other health care professionals involved in the nursing care plan

4. Social Media

4.1. Facebook

4.2. Twitter

4.3. Tumblr

4.4. LinkedIn

4.5. Instagram

4.6. Youtube

4.7. Snapchat

5. Professional Boundaries

5.1. Where dual relationships in therapeutic care situations are unavoidable to be aware of the potential for harm and take all steps to minimise the risks

5.2. Violations

5.2.1. Flirtatious behaviour

5.2.2. Selective communication

5.2.3. Sexual misconduct/assault

5.2.4. Excessive disclosure

5.2.5. Secretive behaviour

5.2.6. Singled out treatment

5.3. Maintain the boundaries in professional relationships with persons receiving care and where necessary communicate these to that person

5.4. Treat personal information obtained in a professional capacity as confidential and not use this to advantage myself in anyway