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Timeline by Mind Map: Timeline

1. Chapter 9

1.1. Carton tells Mr. Lorry that the best he can do is to secure access to Darnay in his cell.

1.2. Mr. Lorry weeps as he realizes the implications of Darney's second arrest.

1.3. "Then, the night, with the moon and the stars, turned pale and died, and for a little while it seemed as if Creation were delivered over to Death's dominion."But then the sun rises gloriously, and as Carton looks at the sun's rays, "a bridge of light appeared to span the air between him and the sun." (Dickens 287)

1.4. Darnay's trial comes, and Defarge finds a old paper from Dr. Manette's cell, reveling the connection between Darnay and the Doctor.

2. Chapter 10

2.1. The letter that Defarge found that Dr. Manette wrote was read.

2.2. "The patient was a women of great beauty, and young: assuredly not much past twenty. Her hair was torn and ragged, and her arms were bound to her sides with sashes and handkerchiefs. I noticed that these bonds were all portions of a gentleman's dress" (Dickens 331)

2.3. Charles's uncle was the one that rapped his sister

3. Chapter 7

3.1. Darnay gets a knock on the door

3.2. Darnay finds out that he has to go back to prison based on "what he has done" to Monsieur and Madame Defarge

4. Chapter 8

4.1. Sydney Carton is back in paris

4.2. Carton informs Mr. Lorry that Darnay has been arrested again

5. Chapter 1

5.1. Charles Darnay is back in France and is "in secret". He gets arrested and sent to the prison "La Force". All Darnay can think about is Lucie and can't help being reminded of Doctor Manette.

5.2. Defarge escorts Darnay to "La Force". Darnay asks for Defarge to notify Mr. Lorry of his imprisonment, but Defarge refuses.

6. Chapter 2

6.1. Lucie and Doctor Manette find out about Darnay's imprisonment and tell Mr. Lorry.

6.2. Doctor Manette influences the revolutionaries and leaves to try to save Darnay's life.

7. Chapter 3

7.1. Monsieur Defarge delivers a message to Mr. Lorry from the Doctor, which states that Darnay is safe from the Revolutionaries for now, and also has a letter to Lucie from Darnay.

7.2. "The shadow attendant on Madame Defarge and her party seemed to fall so threatening and dark on the child that her mother instinctively knelled on the ground beside her and held her to her breast" (Dickens 277).

8. Chapter 5

8.1. Lucie waits outside the prison window everyday hoping that her husband Darnay would be able to see her.

8.2. While Lucy is outside the prison window "The Wood-sawyer" joins Lucie and her daughter and says to little Lucie "Loo, loo, loo; Loo, loo, loo! And off her head comes! Now, a child. Tickle, tickle; Pickle, pickle! And off its head comes. All the family!" (Dickens 286)

8.3. Lucie blows Darnay a kiss, because Doctor Manette tells Lucie that Darnay is watching.

8.4. Madame Defarge walks by and greets them. Doctor Manette tells Lucie that Darnay's trial is scheduled for the next day.

9. Chapter 6

9.1. Charles Darnay is on trial.

9.2. "When a name was called, its owner stepped apart into a spot reserved for those who were announced as being thus fatally recorded." (Dickens 290)

9.3. Darnay goes home and Lucie, Manette and little Lucie are thankful for Charles to be home.

9.4. Lucie is proud of everything her father has done to help.