Tommie Qualls

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Tommie Qualls by Mind Map: Tommie Qualls

1. The Adventures of Marco Polo

1.1. WH.2.3, ELA.3. Examine early soical structures, the influence of religion on governmental systems.

1.2. Powerpoint

1.3. Reflection

2. Interim 5A

2.1. Standard 2. 10.2.5 Make reasonable statements and draw conclusions about a text, supporting them with accurate examples.

2.2. Artifact

2.3. Reflection

3. World Oppression and Slavery: Past and Present

3.1. Standard 2. WH.2.4 Explain relationships in early civilizations between the development of state authority and the growth of aristocratic power, taxation systems and institutions of coerced labor, including slavery.

3.2. Web page

3.3. Reflection

4. Three Comparison Essay

4.1. Standard 5. 10.5.3 Write expository compositions, including analytical essays, summaries, descriptive pieces, or literary analyses that: • use a variety of reference sources, including word, pictorial, audio, and Internet sources to locate information in support of a topic.

4.2. Essays

4.3. Reflection

5. Baby No Baby

5.1. Standard 1. B.1.21 Understand and explain that the information passed from parents to offspring is transmitted by means of genes which are coded in DNA molecules.

5.2. Pedegree

5.3. Reflection

6. Race for a Cure

6.1. Standard 1. B.1.25 Explain that gene mutation in a cell can result in uncontrolled cell division, called cancer. Also know that exposure of cells to certain chemicals and radiation increases mutations and thus increases the chance of cancer.

6.2. Powerpoint

6.3. reflection

7. Fundraiser Project

7.1. Standard 1. A1.2.6 Solve word problems that involve linear equations, formulas, and inequalities.

7.2. T-Shirt Graph

7.3. Reflection