Output Device

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Output Device by Mind Map: Output Device

1. Definition

1.1. any hardware component that conveys information to one or more people

2. Display Device

2.1. convey information to the user in the form of text,graphics and video

2.2. LCD Monitor

2.2.1. is a desktop monitor that used liquid crystal display to produce images

2.3. CRT Monitor

2.3.1. is a desktop monitor that contains a cathode ray tube

2.4. Plasma monitor

2.4.1. is a display device that uses gas plasma technology

3. Printers

3.1. Convey information to the user in the form text and graphics on a physical medium (hard copy or print out)

3.2. Ink-jet printer

3.3. Photo printers

3.4. Laser printers

4. Data projector

4.1. that takes the text and images displaying on a screen & projects them on a larger screen

5. Interactive whiteboard

5.1. displays the image on a connected computer screen

6. Force-feedback game controllers

6.1. Send resistance to the device in response to action of the user

7. Tactile Output

7.1. Provides the user with a physical response from the device

8. Speakers,headphone and earbuds

8.1. Convey information to the user in the form of music,speech and other sounds

8.2. Voice output

8.2.1. Occurs when you hear a person's voice or when conputer talks through the speakers