Living On Purpose

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Living On Purpose by Mind Map: Living On Purpose

1. Skills

1.1. recognize my skills

1.1.1. the things I am sure that I'm good at is talking to large groups, procrastinating, and very athletic, taking photos the things that energizes me is music, laughter, others, and myself all I know is that as long as I'm helping others in service, that's what I prefer to be doing

1.2. utilize my skills

1.2.1. no, I don't feel like I am stagnating. I always been more to do things yes, I am challenging myself with my procrastinating yes, I am working for the money, but for good reasons. I want to help my family with everything

2. Passion

2.1. find my passion

2.1.1. yes I do have a sense of awareness, I'm always checking if everything prepared for any event yes, I care about of things, family, friends, and myself as well no, I feel like there is no burden in me

2.2. become enthusiastic

2.2.1. yes when I put something in my head, and its new with something I want to do I will be very committed my purpose isn't bigger than me, if I realize that if something isn't right I could always change it

2.3. make a difference?

2.3.1. no I haven't I used to in New York but since I moved I haven't done it My work will be meaningful, I want to be a police officer and that world help the community a bit I feel

3. Implementing

3.1. live your life to the fullest

3.1.1. no, I am not waiting on the lottery, but if I did won it, it wouldn't be upsetting Yes I am living with purpose, I feel big gratitude whenever I see nature, it makes me feel amazing I do feel like I am living with potential now, I'm going to start to take photos of nature to remind myself to be grateful

3.2. set active goals

4. Principles

4.1. take some risk

4.1.1. yes I believe you do need courage because people know its not easy to be yourself I don't know if I believe in myself yet, at time I do believe in myself, but there other moments where I doubt myself

4.2. find meaning and purpose

4.2.1. yes I feel a huge sense of meaning and passion in my life with all the things that I have sent out in my life I do align myself with good people, we all have our goals, but they all live in New York, haven't really made a friend yet in Florida No I don't feel like my purposes are bigger than me

4.3. live your own philosophy

4.3.1. NO, I definitely do not need others people approval of what I'm doing with my own life NO, I'm living my own life, even if my family doesn't expect it, I'm still going to live the life I feel what's right for me Yes i do. i understand the basic, but I'm very interested to learn more about it