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Auto-biography by Mind Map: Auto-biography

1. Work Experience

1.1. Jobs in High school

1.1.1. My first job ever was at Regal cinemas in the mall of my home town.

1.1.2. My second job in High School was as a seasonal overnight-loader for ups.

1.1.3. My final Job in High School was working for a staffing company the spring semester of my sr. year.

1.2. Jobs in College

1.2.1. While at Luther I worked for the Grounds crew and it was pretty fun i didn't really have to do much but ride around campus on gators.

1.2.2. I am currently a substitute teacher for the orange county school board.

1.2.3. I also worked for my favorite clothing brand Polo Ralph Lauren for the whole year of 2016.

1.3. Cool Summer Jobs

1.3.1. I was a overnight-stoker at Walmart the summer leading up to college in 2015

1.3.2. During this past summer I took the semester off and worked as a full time Uber driver.

2. Sports

2.1. Little League

2.1.1. I started playing football in 3rd grade up until 7th for Lake Wales Steelers and Gators little league teams.

2.1.2. I started playing basketball in the 4th grade until 7th grade for the Lake Wales Jr. Magics and D.Jones league.

2.2. High School

2.2.1. I lettered in football all four years for the Lake Wales Highlanders fotball team

2.2.2. I also played JV soccer my sophomore year in high school.

2.2.3. In 8th grade I lettered in varsity football for All Saints

2.2.4. I also played jV basketball for All Saints in 8th grade.

2.3. College

2.3.1. I was a True Freshmen for the Luther College Norse football team.

2.3.2. I coached Db's at East River High School during the spring and summer of 17'

3. Career Plans

3.1. immediate

3.1.1. Graduate from The University of Central Florida in spring of 2019.

3.2. 5 years later

3.2.1. I want to earn a Masters degree in either Ed Leadership or sports management.

3.2.2. I also would like to enter the College football coaching arena and teaching on the college level.

4. Education

4.1. Lake Wales High School

4.1.1. 3.9 GPA

4.1.2. I Graduated with high honors

4.1.3. Jr. & Sr. Class President

4.1.4. National Jr. Honor society

4.2. Luther College (IA)

4.2.1. First semester of freshmen year

4.3. Valencia College (East campus)

4.3.1. I transferred here in the Spring semester of 16'

4.3.2. I Graduated that following Fall semester

4.4. University Of Central Florida

4.4.1. Direct Connect Program made the mid school year transition smooth.

4.4.2. Declared for Social Science Education Major

4.4.3. I am Currently a Jr.

5. Culture & Family

5.1. I am of West Indian Heritage

5.1.1. My Mother born and Raised in Antigua

5.1.2. My Father born and Raised in Grenada

5.2. The migration to America

5.2.1. My Grandmother relocated herself and my mother to Brooklyn, New York in 79'

5.2.2. My Father migrated to Queens, New York from Grenada in 85'

5.3. The Beginning

5.3.1. I was born August 3, 1996

5.3.2. I was born in Queens Hospital in Queens, New York

5.3.3. My Mother and I move to central Fl to be closer to be closer to her mother. (00')