Ways in which governments seek to mitigate climate change

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Ways in which governments seek to mitigate climate change by Mind Map: Ways in which governments seek to mitigate climate change

1. Reduce Energy Use

1.1. implement educational campaigns that grow awareness and spread information to reduce consumption.

1.2. popularise electric cars and its services

1.3. increase the use of renewable energy sources in electricity generation

1.4. introduce legislations for emission-control technologies on vehicles

1.4.1. such as catalytic convertors

2. Introduce Economic Incentives within a country

2.1. charge companies that emit pollution

2.2. use subsidies to encourage new technologies and support research into more efficient methods

2.3. award subsidies or tax credits to promote renewable sources of energy for industry and domestic users

2.4. subsidies public transport

2.5. use road tolls and parking charges to discourage use of cars

2.6. create incentives schemes to encourage people to practice shared car use

3. Replace Fossil Fuels With Renewable Energy Sources

3.1. Solar power uses thermal panels to heat water for biuldings or photovoltaic panels to convert sunlight into electrical energy

3.2. windmills can be used to pump water or drive mechanical machinery. they can now produce electricity.

3.3. Hydropower is used to drive a variety of machinery and is produced when flowing water drives turbines connected to a generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy

3.4. geothermal energy uses heat from Earth to heat buildings and generate electricity

4. Reduce Emissions From Transport

4.1. create international agreements that force set GHG emissions on countries

4.2. legislations can set stringent emission standards for industry, power generation and vehicles

4.3. planning regulations can promote alternatives to private car use

5. Reduce Emissions from Agriculture

5.1. less fertiliser can be used to reduce nitrous oxide

5.2. nitrification inhibitors can also be used to reduce nitrous oxide

5.3. reduce production of methane from livestock by changing the feedstock or implement selective breeding to have cattle produce less methane

5.4. collect and use methane from biodegradation of animal waste as a source of energy

5.5. cultivate rice varieties that cane be grown in drier conditions with higher yields to reduce methane emissions