CC Specials Permissions

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CC Specials Permissions by Mind Map: CC Specials Permissions

1. Admin Access

1.1. Admin user continues to have full access to promotions manager

2. User With 'Specials/Specials Builder' access

2.1. Can see menu items

2.1.1. Specials Campaigns

2.1.2. Manage

2.1.3. Create

2.2. Can create promotion

2.2.1. Can upload custom images

2.3. Can update promotion

2.4. Should not need Media Library Access

3. User Without 'Specials/Specials Builder' access

3.1. Can't see menu items for Specials Campaigns

3.2. Can't navigate to create promotion

3.3. Can't navigate to manage promotions

4. Account without Media Library

4.1. upload custom assets

4.1.1. verify assets are visible on cms side too

4.2. Create fixed ops and events campaigns

4.2.1. verify selected images

4.2.2. verify uploading custom images

5. CC-Promotions Regression

5.1. run through cc-promotions regression