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Sound by Mind Map: Sound

1. What is sound?

1.1. Audible disturbance in a medium produced by a vibrating source

1.1.1. Simple Harmonic Motion Pure Tones Elements of Pure Tones

1.1.2. Complex Sound Periodic Complex Sound Identifiable cycle Aperiodic Complex Sound NO identifiable cycle

1.1.3. Elements of Sound Source of Energy i.e. Breath Vibrating Source i.e. Vocal Folds Medium i.e. Air particles, H2o Response to Sound i.e. Response in brain

2. Measuring Sound

2.1. Sound as Waveform

2.1.1. Sinusoidal Waveforms Measurements made Period Frequency Wavelength Amplitude

2.1.2. Periodic Complex Waveforms Measurements made Period Wavelength Fundamental Frequency (fo) Harmonics

2.1.3. Aperiodic Complex Waveforms Measurements made Component Frequencies

2.2. Measuring Signal Strength

2.2.1. Sound Power watts/unit time

2.2.2. Sound Intensity watts/m2 or watts/cm2

2.2.3. Sound Pressure micropascal

2.3. Scaling Signal Strength

2.3.1. The Decibel Intensity Level (IL) Reference: 10^-12 watt/m2 or 10^-16 watt/cm2 Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Reference: 20 micropascal