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Admin Tarlac by Mind Map: Admin Tarlac

1. Goals

1.1. Effective Government Matters

1.1.1. smooth transaction

1.1.2. 80/20 rule

1.2. Effective Incentive Programs

1.2.1. High Standards

1.2.2. Motivational Incentives (specific)

1.3. Quality Service

1.3.1. No delays and penalties

1.3.2. Legalities

1.3.3. Excellent customer service internal customers External customers

1.4. Effective strong Relationships

1.4.1. Full Alignment Internal Customers External Customers social responsibility 3rd parties suppliers Government Agencies

1.5. algorithm

1.5.1. Effective cooperation team customers all departments 3rd parties Management

1.5.2. Fun

2. Machine

2.1. Long Term Value Creation

2.1.1. Right people Evolution Multiply Rationale Fairness Excellent Human & Robot Positivity Self mastery LIVE 3 Values principles Virtue and Talent

2.2. Design

2.2.1. Capabilities Effective Negotiator take opportunity costing Strategic actions Mental model Relationship Builder

2.2.2. Strategize Planning/scheduling/monitoring Task & Time Management Database automation for records situation and document analyzation effective execution on time and convenient less cost effective workflow scope of works list schedule on reports and records Proper filling of documentations

2.2.3. Results High Integrity Fast/on time handling money matters Zero Penalties No delays on schedules with all govt agencies No Pending cases in all Govt agencies High standard accuracy on all reports and computations Excellent coordination and communication with internal and external customers Proper organization of documents Relationship Builder Fair & Balance

2.2.4. Learning and Development daily weekly monthly

3. Balance Scorecard

3.1. Customers

3.1.1. OPs Business Permits Financial requests POS maintenance

3.1.2. Finance Accurate computations Receipts of purchases and expenses

3.1.3. Management Legalities of business documents Timely service to all customers Fun with minimal costs

3.2. Systems

3.2.1. Best practices daily 100% Quality customer service Negotiation strategies

3.2.2. study all Govt policies and Rules

3.2.3. Evaluation tool based on goals

3.3. Learnings & improvement

3.3.1. monthly Know all updated rules and policies at Govt Agencies Pooling techniques and tools build new relationships from Govt agencies concerned

3.3.2. Improvement of machine daily Proper coordination and communication with all customers monthly evaluation with customers

4. Principles

4.1. Quality Growth

4.1.1. High level Standards

4.2. algorithms

5. Machine Improvement

5.1. Share Learnings and alignment

5.1.1. team daily weekly

5.1.2. customers weekly monthly

5.2. Incentive Program

5.2.1. rewards quarterly

5.3. Feedback

5.3.1. daily

5.3.2. weekly

5.3.3. monthly