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Leading a Tribe by Mind Map: Leading a Tribe
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Leading a Tribe

Develop Manifesto


I help ________, with _________, so they can __________

You see, I believe _____________ _______________________________ _______________________________

Have you ever had these challenges?

Me Too! - My backstory of frustration

My story of finding a solution

Results - ultimate outcome

Old World / New Word - Myths and Trends

The Solution - *Framework*

Most common mistakes

What you should do right now

Getting Your Message Out There

Branding / Identity

Direct Mail

Writing a Book

Writing a Blog

Writing a Newsletter

Speaking at Seminars / Conferences

Producing Videos

Producing Audios

Social Media

Nurturing Your Followers / Customers

Show appreciation

Lead by example

Constantly encourage

Give them opportunity to help / get involved

Offer phenomenal service

Reward model behaviour