School Culture

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School Culture by Mind Map: School Culture

1. Not being afraid of failure and rejection

2. Humility

2.1. Difficult to teach

3. What we have achieved already

3.1. Integrity

3.1.1. Owning up to Mistakes

3.2. Wonderment

3.2.1. Asking questions out of curiosity

3.3. Resilience

4. Things we want to work on in present time

4.1. Service

4.1.1. Embracing the spirit of service (helping others out of goodwill) Giving back to the community Engaging in voluntary work Helping out in school events Taking care of the environment Cleaning up after yourselves Understanding and aiding others in times of need Helping teachers carry their items (books, etc.) Giving way to teachers in the lift Looking out for other students

4.2. Social Awareness

4.2.1. Understanding the etiquette required when interacting with someone else Being sensitive to others' needs and feelings Knowing how to code switch according to the context (what and how to say) When talking to peers, showing mutual respect and knowing the limit in conversation. Showing respect when talking to teachers, and using appropriate salutation in conversations. Not speaking loudly in public transport Knowing what's appropriate when talking to juniors, while still being friendly and polite to them.

4.2.2. Understanding the etiquette required in public situations Maintaining a suitable volume and behaviour in public Displaying courtesy in public Holding the door for someone else Giving way to others in the corridor

4.3. Esprit de Corps

4.3.1. Being proud and having a sense of belonging to the school Not demeaning and self-deprecating Promote NUS High Cheering at school events with conviction

4.3.2. Actively participating in school events Having a good attendance for events Attending house meets

4.4. Respect

4.4.1. Respect teachers while maintaining a certain level of closeness with them Greeting teachers

4.4.2. Seniors being general role models for juniors

4.4.3. Juniors respecting seniors

5. What can be developed in the future, not now

5.1. Excellence

5.1.1. Difficult to teach