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Media Safety by Mind Map: Media Safety

1. Resources

1.1. 'Media Smarts' - for Teachers and parents. Has digital and media literacy techniques to build appropriate and safe media use. Has links to articles and studies to better inform people about being smart about media.

1.2. RCMP - Pro-active supports for Teachers and Parents to promote online safety

1.3. ICE Police Unit to help with Internet Children Exploitation

2. Teacher Role

2.1. In Loco Parentis - Unofficial guardian when parents are not present

3. Classroom Procedures for Technology

3.1. Think Before Click Slogan

3.2. iPad cart accessible at specific times

3.2.1. Only have school appropriate apps downloaded for students to use

3.3. Computer Lab

3.3.1. Have computer screens available for check-in's

3.3.2. Monitor student usage of online activity

3.3.3. Have a list of 'Good' websites for students to use

3.4. If student owned devices are negatively impacting learning, it will need to be placed in a safe place (backpack) to limit negative impact

4. Engage Parents

4.1. Media Safety Newsletters

4.2. Safe links for parents to use with children to promote and connect classroom learning with home learning