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Animoto by Mind Map: Animoto

1. Teacher Roles

1.1. Teachers can assign the students projects that require the use of animoto.

1.2. Teachers can also use Animoto when presenting in their classroom to show the students a newer way of presenting.

1.3. Teacher could also use Animoto in class and they can make a class video on what ever the topic they are discussing. Make a class project in a sense.

1.4. Can create own Animoto and have it as an example to show the students how they want it to look like.

2. Learning Assessments

2.1. This would be used more for Middle School and High School kids than Elementary. Students will be able to learn how to get their ideas in a more creative and fun way.

2.2. Great for a Photography class or Marketing Class. Essentially could be used in any class if needed. Instead of a powerpoint, you can make it more enjoyable for the class.

2.3. Can conduct interview questions, and then go out and ask them and get the information that the students need.

2.3.1. Students must come up with the questions themselves and come up with the topic that they want to create the video about.

3. Learning Goals

3.1. Using Animoto, students can get more interactive with their projects.

3.2. Students can get into the real world and interact with real people and get outside of the classroom.

3.3. Know how to make videos and work with groups if you need to have it as a group project.

4. Learning Activities

4.1. Students can have a photography assignment and put it all into video and have them present it to the class.

4.1.1. These could be headshot, sports teams, yearbook photos, nature, etc.

4.2. In a marketing class, students have to create a new product and they use animoto to get their brand out into the real world. Instead of a powerpoint, actually show how it works.

4.3. In an English class, you need to recreate a scene from a play or you need create your own film work and such.

4.3.1. It is a great way to learn the play and understand it better. Sophomore year of high school you really go in depth with plays.

4.4. Promoting a local business from your town and using your own creative mindset to get the business's name out there.

4.4.1. Go in and learn about your hometown more and go into the business and physically ask them about it.