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Supervision Duties by Mind Map: Supervision Duties
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Supervision Duties



Lead, Hill

Monitors, Sturgis, McKinnon, Humble, Bell, Byrd

Car Duty

Lead, Hingleton

Monitors, Otto, TW, Hemmerlein

Bus Duty

Lead, Turley

Monitor, Smith, H., Pendleton, Amouzou

Hall Duty

500 Wing, Collins

Cafeteria Entrance, Feaster

Cafeteria Exit, Russell

Front Office, Vasile

@216, Pryor

@300/400 Intersection, Robinson

@401, Bowie

Fire Access Road, Hill, T. & Smith, A.


Car Rider

Lead, Hingleton

Monitors, Lewis, Feaster, Jones, J., Cooke, Pendleton, McKinnon, After delivering their students to Car and Van Rider stations, each supervising teacher is to stay in the multipurpose room to assist in supervision.

Van Duty

Lead, Humble

Monitors, Sturgis, Byrd, Johnson, E., Saunders, Hill, T. & Smith, A., Garvin, Vasile, Russell, Bell

Hall Duty

Front Office, Pryor

@Lounge, Robinson

300/400 Intersection, Amouzou

Cafeteria, Cancino


Lead, Turley

Buses, Inside Bus Monitor, Smith, H., Rover/Substitute, Hill, F., 1397, Loyd, 1401, ACES/Walker Escort, Kinder, 980, 1, 1293, 2, 154, 3, 300, 4, 1301, 5, 940, Outside Bus Monitor, TW, Rover/Substitute, Otto, 154, Campbell, 300, Grade Level Bus Monitor, Kinder, 940, 1, 1301, 2, 1401, 3, 980, 4, 1293, 5, 1397