fundamental rights and duties (india)

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fundamental rights and duties (india) by Mind Map: fundamental rights and duties (india)

1. fundamental rights

1.1. significance of fundamental rights

1.1.1. they ensure the well being of every citizen

1.1.2. it is essential for the development of the country

1.2. sources of fundamental rights

1.2.1. english bill of rights, 1689

1.2.2. french declaration of the rights of man and citizen, 1789

1.2.3. american bill of rights, 1791

1.2.4. universal declaration of human rights on december 10th,1948

1.3. six fundamental rights

1.3.1. right to equality equality before the law right to equality of opportunity of matters of public employment prohibition of discrimination on the basis of caste,race,gender and religion abolition of untouchability abolition of titles

1.3.2. right to freedom freedom of speech and expression right to education

1.3.3. right against exploitation

1.3.4. right to freedom and religion freedom to freely practice any religion freedom to manage any religious affairs

1.3.5. cultural and educational rights

1.3.6. right to constitutional remedies

2. fundamental duties

2.1. to respect the constitution,the national flag and the national anthem

2.2. to cherish and follow noble ideas

2.3. to defend our country and render national service

2.4. to promote harmony and the spirit of brotherhood

2.5. to uphold the sovreignity

2.6. to protect public property and to avoid violence

2.7. to preserve the rich heritage and culture of the country

2.8. to protect and improve our natural environment

2.9. to develop a scientific temper and the spirit of enquiry

2.10. to strive towards excelence in all spheres