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Rabbit-Proof Fence Anthropology by Mind Map: Rabbit-Proof Fence Anthropology

1. Inquiry Model

1.1. Question: Will all Molly, Gracie and Daisy all make it home safe

1.2. Hypothesis: No, i do not believe any of them will make it home, and get caught

1.3. Gathering data: By watching the whole movie

1.4. Analyze data: After making notes and watching the movie i have my data to make a conclusion

1.5. Conclusion: My hypothesis was not completely right or completely wrong, Molly and Daisy made it back to Jigalong but Gracie did not

2. Evolution

2.1. Survival of the fittest

2.1.1. When Molly ran away from Moore River, they spot a chicken cage, that stole chicken eggs to be able to survive

2.1.2. When Molly, Gracie and Daisy were given food, they had to preserve it to last them a long time

2.1.3. Gracie when attempting to go home to her mom, she was waiting to take the train when she failed to hide from the tractor

2.1.4. Daisy's legs after walking a long way were scratched up and bleeding, therefore she couldn't walk

2.2. Natural Selection

2.2.1. Since half-caste people were the only one who were suppose to go to the residential school which means half-caste people are differentiated

2.3. Tool Use

2.3.1. Molly, Gracie and Daisy using matches to start fire at night

2.3.2. Using the rabbit-proof fence as a way to get home

2.3.3. Molly using socks while crossing rocks to hide footprints while people were looking for her

2.3.4. Using a broom to hide footprint when on the run

3. Nature vs Nurture

4. Eugenics

4.1. When Neville says he is "improving the way of life of half caste people

5. Culture

5.1. Rite of Passage

5.1.1. Making kids at Moore River only speak English

5.1.2. Making half-caste kids go to church and actively participate in the prayers

5.1.3. When Daisy in Moore River did not like the food she was give, she did not like it but was forced to eat it

5.2. Margaret Mead

5.2.1. Mead'd theory was the kids often copy the behavior of the adults around them

5.2.2. Since Molly's parents showed to be a strong character, Molly followed to be strong

5.3. Mores

5.3.1. After getting showered at Moore Rivers, Molly was told to repeat thank you

5.4. The nurture that the half caste families provided for kids vs the nurture the residential schools gave kids

5.5. Norms and Values

5.5.1. Parent doing a prayer for kids to return safely

5.5.2. Molly's belief that her true home is Jigalong not Moore river

5.6. Cultural Relativism

5.6.1. Australian whites thought that stripping the kids culture and way of life was what they had to do to maintain their population

6. Symbols

6.1. Eagle, this is a symbol for strength

6.2. Rabbit-proof fence is a symbol of home