Encore Computers

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Encore Computers by Mind Map: Encore Computers

1. General Resources

1.1. http://swansonteacher.com ?

1.2. Presentation Software: SlideRocket, Prezi, Empressr, Keynote

1.3. Document editing: GoogleDocs, Pages, TextEdit

1.4. SchoolFusion/SharePoint?

1.5. CreativeCommons image search/teach about proper image/media usage

1.6. Edmodo/Class.io

2. 7th Grade

2.1. Encore Computers II?

2.1.1. Public Speaking and Presentations?

2.1.2. VIDEOS

2.2. Broadcasting I?

3. 6th Grade

3.1. Encore Computers I

3.1.1. Computer History

3.1.2. Parts

3.1.3. Basic typing skills very basic spreadsheets

3.1.4. "Word" documents

3.1.5. Effective internet usage

3.1.6. VIDEOS

3.2. Webmaster and Animation?

4. 8th Grade

4.1. Broadcasting II

4.1.1. I envision it as the culminating class for all computers classes. Nearly self suffciently run by students with me teaching few skills. A practicum if you will. Example of what it is now Example of what it should be KUGR TV: Coronado TerrorTV Example

4.2. Photoshop?