Human Trafficking Solutions

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Human Trafficking Solutions by Mind Map: Human Trafficking Solutions

1. Make sanctions worse to discourage human trafficking

1.1. Social - By increasing the punishments to for human trafficking this will make people less likely to commit the offence. Political - To increase the punishments there will have to be a discussion in parliment. Legal - as this would be punishment for criminals breaking the human trafficking law.

2. Border Control

2.1. Social - creating tighter border controls could be a way of solving human trafficking as having more thorough checks to everyone passing the borders to make sure that no one is illegally being moved from one country to another. Economic - This may be a problem economically as border forces would have to employ more guards and new security machinery which will cause stress on the countries governments budgets. With more thorough checks traffic would be increased. Legal - this would be good legally as more human trafficking culprits would be caught. Environment - This could cause environmental problems however by landscape being destroyed.

3. Volunteer and support anti-trafficking efforts in your community.

3.1. Social - This will involve members of the public and therefore is social Economic - This will be free as the people wouldve volunteered Political - this scheme may have to be authorised by local authorities

4. Reducing Poverty

4.1. Political - Schemes and initiatives from the government could be introduced to help the homeless and the less fortunate. Economic - To implement these ideas it will likely cost the government. Donations from the public could also help to reduce poverty as these donations could go to charities whose aims are to help reduce poverty. Social - As this will reduce the amount of people living in poverty and therefore in vulnerable situations and susceptible to being trafficked to make money from working for traffickers.

5. Start a worldwide census

5.1. Economic - this would be a problem economically as this would cost a lot of money to get the worldwide resources to get and then store the information gained. Social - This is partly social as it would entail the majority of the population filling out the census provided. Technological - The data could be stored online and made accesable to the public.

6. Education

6.1. Social - as the younger generation would all be educated on the problems of human trafficking for the people who are trafficked and the punishment for offenders found guilty of human trafficking. Economic - It will cost the government money to fund the resources needed to educate pupils. Political - as the government will have to sign off on adding this to the national curriculem