Human Trafficking Solutions

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Human Trafficking Solutions by Mind Map: Human Trafficking Solutions

1. Partnership with other countries to work together to stop it.

1.1. The partnerships with other countries will create a united front and they will work together to decrease the percentage of human traffficking. They will be able to disscuss the issue of human trafficking and potentially use the same strategies to try and attack human trafficking globally. This could be putting more security at airports and keeping in contact with other countries to keep them up to date if there is a suspicious person entering the country.

1.2. This may effect the law as with the partnership with other countries, it may lead to new laws being made in a global term. It may lead to new punishment for human traffickers which will hopefully discourage them and may result in them stopping or getting caught.

1.3. This may benefit the public as the partnership with other countries will help decrease the rising number of human trafficking, so therefore make it safer for society.

1.4. This may also have technological influences as more technology might be needed for this solution to be done and to help the partnership with other countries work well together. This may also effect the economy as this beneficial technological influences means that more money will be needed to go into funding the technology and keeping in contact with countries.

2. Teach the importance of preventing human trafficking in schools.

2.1. This may effect the economy as the government may need to fund for the teacher who are experts on human trafficking and who can really inform people about the issue. However, even though this may need funding it is worth it for the long term.

2.2. By teaching students in schools the issue of human trafficking and the importance of preventing it, it will make the youth aware of the rising issue and they may want to help prevent it when they are able.

2.3. This will help society as more of the public will be aware of the issue and more people may want to help.

2.4. Educating the students of schools, and even teachers, might make the understanding of human trafficking more serious in society and the word of mouth and social networking sites will help inform people all over. This is a technological influence as it is beneficial to the prevention of the issue of human trafficking. For example, people can talk to each other and inform each other about the issue with word of mouth and also with social networking sites, and what seems to be popular is hashtags. This helps people form all over the world find out about stuff and it could also help prevent human trafficking.

3. Making human trafficking policies more serious.

3.1. By increasing policies, it may make the employees more likely to do something about human trafficking. For example, if part of the policy was to report if there was any activity of human trafficking going on, then the employees of the government or the company are more likely to report it as they will know that this is the right thing to do because of what the policy says and moral reasons.

3.2. This may affect the public as the policies are directed to the employees of the government or companies that need the policy, so therefore it affects society. Even though this is asking something from the public, it will be worth it in the long term as it might potentially help decrease the rise of human trafficking.

4. Make punishment worse to discourage human trafficking.

4.1. This will make it harder for traffickers to continue to do human trafficking or even want to keep doing it as the sentence make it worse or seem more serious to them, as the punishment that the law has now may not discourage them.

4.2. This might effect politics as if there is to be a new punishment in order for human traffickers, the new law will have to put forward, but this will be worth it if it will help human trafficking decrease.

4.3. This might effect the economy as if we want to make the punishment worse then the government will be paying more money to keep these criminals in prison for human trafficking.

4.4. This might effect the law as this will mean that there will be a new law being put forward so therefore, it will affect the law.

5. Increase border control so it's more serious and strict.

5.1. This will make it harder for traffickers to get away with human trafficking as when they are leaving the country they will get caught. Not all human traffickers might not go through the border but this is still making it harder for the ones who do; hopefully impossible.

5.2. This will effect society as the increased border control will effect the public and not just the human traffickers. This will mean that the public will be more thoroughly searched, which might be an inconvenience but it worth it to decrease the numbers of human trafficking.

5.3. The increase in border control may effect the economy as more money will have to be spent on increasing the border control to make it more serious and strict and hopefully decrease human trafficking.

5.4. This may also affect the economy as more money might be needed for new equipment to make the border control more serious and strict. This also shows that there are technological influences in the issue of border control as it is beneficial, as it means that it might help prevent human trafficking.

6. Increased funding for charities from the government.

6.1. This could potentially help prevent human trafficking as if there if more funding from the government for charities, it could help the charities help more victims of human trafficking and help save more people and find the missing victims.

6.2. This will effect the economy as the government will need to invest more money into these charities to help prevent the issue. This might also mean that the tax prices will go up or they will use existing money that should be used for something else.

6.3. This will effect the public as the funding to these charities might mean that the tax price might go up so the public will owe more money and that will effect their lives individually. This may also effect the public as if the government fund the charities using existing money that should be funded for something else, it could effect the public that way as it may be going towards something that helps the majority.