Pure substances vs. Mixtures

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Pure substances vs. Mixtures by Mind Map: Pure substances vs. Mixtures

1. A Heterogeneous mixture is any mixture that is not changing it's composition and has unevenly distributed particles.

1.1. Some examples of a heterogeneous mixture are pizza, salad, cereal, and trail mix.

2. A Homogeneous mixture is a mixture that has the same composition and is all mixed together to look like one substance.

2.1. Some examples are ice tea, gatorade, lemonade etc.

3. There are two different types of mixtures, Heterogeneous and homogenous.

4. A Mixture is when two or more molecules combine. The difference between a mixture and a pure substance is that a pure substance only has one molecule and a mixture has more than 1.

5. Mixtures

6. A pure substance is an element on the periodic table or a compound.

6.1. Some examples of pure substances are gold, germanium, gallium, sulfur, table salt, and copper.

7. Pure substances

8. A solution is when the solute is dissolved in the solvent.

9. Some techniques to separate mixtures are to use a magnet, water, a hot plate, or do chromatography.

10. Solutions

11. Separating Mixtures