Roaring 20s

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Roaring 20s by Mind Map: Roaring 20s

1. Divide Society

1.1. KKK become popular

1.1.1. 1950s, there was a film called "birth to the nation" 1924 - 4,5 million members including law enforcement 300 lynching took place Anti-immagrants

2. Women

2.1. Middle Class

2.1.1. They can smoked or drink in public 10 million working in the job by 1929 No access to University

3. Economic

3.1. Higher wages than before

3.1.1. Very low employment Consumer sociiety Biggest company is Ford Model Car

4. Social

4.1. First time having cinmea

4.1.1. Holidays Urban society Huge boom in sport

5. Prohibitation

5.1. 18th Ammedment

5.1.1. Banned productions -transportation of alcohol

6. Inequallity

6.1. Distribution is wealth

6.1.1. Rich is get all the money Global productions led to a fall in Prices Farmers were poor

6.2. Big gap between poor and rich