The Future of Africa is Now: How Disruptive Innovation, Demographic Explosion, and Dense Urba...

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The Future of Africa is Now: How Disruptive Innovation, Demographic Explosion, and Dense Urbanization is Creating Revolutionary Development by Mind Map: The Future of Africa  is Now: How Disruptive  Innovation, Demographic  Explosion, and Dense  Urbanization is Creating  Revolutionary Development

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2. The Future is Now

2.1. The Three D's

2.1.1. Disruptive Innovation of ICT in Africa What is Disruptive Innovation What is ICT? ICT' as Disruptive Innovation Money Transfer

2.1.2. Demographic Bulge of Youth Population Reality of Youth Population Statistics "the plague of population growth" or opportunity for economic growth Pessimist Optimism

2.1.3. Dense Urbanization into Cities Reality of Dense Urbanization Negative View of Urbanization Poverty Positive View of Urbanization Majority of Countries Economic power concentrated in City Majority of Countries Political power concentrated in City Majority of Countries Social Power concentrated in City Examples are the major International Cities of the World Helps Create Non-Traditional, Urban,& International Culture De-localization--Cosmopolitan Identity More in Common than in Difference Myth of the dangers of big cities Combination of Economic, Political, Social, and Cultural, Makes Cities the Geographical Center of Revolutionary Development

2.1.4. Combing the 3 D's is creating Foundation of Revolutionary Development

3. Revolutionary Development

3.1. Third Wave

3.1.1. Before We Talk about Revolutionary Development, We need to briefly discuss the Historical Context of Revolutionary Development

3.1.2. The Third Wave in Socio-Economic Order The World has entered a New Economic Order First Wave Agricultural Seconad Wave Industrial Thrid Wave

3.2. Echo Vision 2030

3.2.1. Foundations

3.2.2. Economic

3.2.3. Political

3.2.4. Social

3.3. Giant Step

3.3.1. Why the Third Wave Advantage Goes to Developing Societies

3.3.2. Larger Youth Population Population Growth and Economic Growth are Correlated The Death of Europe

3.3.3. Lack of Industrial age roadblocks to Third Wave Development

3.4. Revolutionary Development versus Sustainable Development

3.4.1. It is more than and its Beyond Sustainable and Assistance Driven Development

3.4.2. Sustainable Development

3.4.3. With Revolutionary Development comes Revolutionary Wealth

4. Revolutionary Money

4.1. Mobile Banking

4.1.1. Money Transfer M-Pesa Zap Yu

4.1.2. Equity Bank M-Kesho

4.1.3. Co-Op Bank M-Karo

4.1.4. Barclay Hallo Money

4.2. PesaPal

4.3. Peer to Peer Banking

4.4. Micro Finance

5. Revolutionary Media

5.1. If You want to Stay Relevant

5.1.1. Twitter via Smart Phone & SMS to replace Traditional Newspaper

5.1.2. Video on Tablets, Netbooks, and Phones to replace TV News

5.1.3. Youtube already 5th largest in Africa

5.1.4. Platform for Citizen Journalism

6. Revolutionary Communications and Mobility

6.1. Smart phones and Apps

6.1.1. Smart Phone

6.1.2. Applications

6.2. 3G

6.3. Portability

6.4. Mobile Phones

6.5. VoIP

6.5.1. Chat--Now Connected to Phone SMS

6.5.2. Video

6.5.3. Voice

6.5.4. VoIP Via Smart Phone

7. Revolutionary Government

7.1. Government

7.1.1. People Centered Citizen Baraza

7.1.2. Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) Right to Document Access Government Documents Digitalized

7.1.3. ICT Secretary in the Directorate of e-Government

8. Revolutionary Incubators

8.1. Incubators for the Next IT Geniuses

8.1.1. Nailab

8.1.2. Mlab

8.1.3. Centurium Systems

8.1.4. IHub

9. Revolutionary Energy

9.1. Solar Power

9.2. Bio-Fuel

10. Revolutionary Education

10.1. Education

10.1.1. Kenyan Ministry of Education

10.1.2. Kenya Institute of Education Digital Education Curriculum

10.1.3. E-Learning Rwanda

10.1.4. Pushing Forward : Virtual Universities

11. Revolutionary Law

11.1. Untitled

11.1.1. Telepresence

11.1.2. Digitalize Court Records

12. Revolutionary Wealth & Business

12.1. The next multi-millionaires for the foreseeable future will be Techprenuers or Those who rely on their support

12.2. Revolutionary Agriculture

12.2.1. Bio-Technology (Genetically Modified Food) Genetically modified foods (or GM foods) are foods derived from genetically modified organisms. Genetically modified organisms have had specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques Drought Resistance Can increase crops nutritional content Can reduce need of fertilizer, irrigation and pesticides) Help plants grow on arid land or in cold climates Can cut costs and increase per acre yield Can slash cost and increase value of agriculture output

12.2.2. Mobile M-Farm E-Soko

12.2.3. Social Media Sharing ideas on food, fuel, feed and fiber by empowering farmers to tell their story Create a community Social Media will link urban and rural Connect buyers with suppliers On-Line Data Base Agro-Information Systems Forums intra and inter continential collaboration

12.2.4. GPS (Global Positioning System) Cluster of Farms in a village area share a GPS system instead of one sized fits all treatment use of land information on specific fertilizer, nutrients, water, and all needs of each individual plot and plant customize of farming a birds eye view will help in increasing irrigation, which could cut water demand into half precision agriculture

12.2.5. Horticulture Customize Output for high value markets or individuals Export these products to high demand markets That are calling on customiozed foods and health products Varied crops from tropical world that do not grow in the West

12.2.6. Bio-Fuels For Energy creation--Bio-Fuel Maize Untitled Items--plastics, adhesive Chemicals Tropical regions will become center of energy

12.3. ICT Enterprise

12.3.1. Mobile Money Transfer

12.3.2. PESA PAL

12.3.3. Dealfish

12.3.4. Mocality

12.3.5. Kiosk

12.3.6. Kalahari

12.3.7. Zunguka

12.3.8. Pewahewa

12.3.9. Carbon Trade

12.3.10. Opportunities Less than 15 percent of the Companies on Nairobi Stock Exchange have Social Media Sites Of the Top 100 corporations in East Africa, only 11 percent have business mobility solutions that make use of mobile technology and solutions available today

12.4. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

12.4.1. Back room legal work

12.4.2. call Centers-Kenyans and English

12.5. FDI & Capital

12.6. E-Advertising

12.6.1. Adsense and Adword

12.6.2. Facebook Ads

12.6.3. Untitled

12.7. Crowd sourcing

13. Revolutionary Advisers

13.1. IT Solutions Provider

13.1.1. 7 Seas

13.1.2. Virtual City

13.1.3. Semacraft

13.1.4. GoodInfo

13.1.5. Verve

14. Revolutionary Tools

14.1. From Satellite to Fiber-Optic Cable

14.1.1. The Fiber Optic Challenge TThe East African Submarine System (EASSY CABLE) SEACOM TEAMS

14.1.2. Broad band need to and will get cheaper--just like any new innovation

14.1.3. More Competition the Better for Bandwith Prices KDN, Jamii Telecom UUNet , JamboNet

14.1.4. Phones and lab tops are artificially to expensive but will go down Example of Ideos

14.1.5. Cyber cafes are extremely popular and will remain so until the price of broadband goes down

15. Revolutionary Associations

15.1. Social Capital

16. Revolutionary Culture

16.1. Hip-Hop Culture

17. Revolutionary Change and Challenges

17.1. Ways of Organizing People and Ideas

17.1.1. ICT spreads knowledge and in this ways changes how individuals think about and what the know about themselves and society

17.1.2. It changes and gives advantage to those who can cooperate instead of only compete

17.1.3. When you combine this democratizing of information and knowledge accessibility with technical tools like GPS, software, CRM, social media etc. you have new ways of organizing

17.1.4. Obama example

17.2. Cyber Crime

17.2.1. Rise of Cyber Attacks in Africa Untitled

17.2.2. Kenyan Police Website Hacked into

17.2.3. Rise of WIkileaks

17.2.4. Thin Line between Cyber Criminal and Cyber Activist Transparency Corruption Wikileaks

17.2.5. Solutions Recruitment of Hackers into the service of Government to fight against other Hackers

17.3. Social Consciousness

17.3.1. Generation Y and the Heighten Expectations from seeing rest of world

17.4. Identity

17.4.1. Which Urbanization Comes the Foundation for a Population to Create a New Identity

17.4.2. On the level of language communications, Kiswahili (spoken by over 120 million people in the Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, and Sudan) and English will within become the dominate and exclusive languages of the region, especially in urban settings

17.5. Political: Now Anything Can Happen

17.5.1. The Arab World happenings is not a coincidence

18. Revolutionary Leadership: What is it

18.1. Untitled

18.1.1. Role of Educated Youth in New ICT Future Only Those who understand a system--can bring it into existence Educated Youth are the epitome of the 3'Ds Role of Politics and Policy in ICT World Knowledge Acquisition and Idea Formulation Because Good intentions are no good enough Need to be constantly acquainted with both popular and emerging knowledge Idea Formulation through open participation Necessity of technocrats

18.1.2. Revolutionary Morality and Philosophy of Leadership The Cultural-Ethical side of Leadership Faith Based Development

18.1.3. What Revolutionary Leadership needs to do Encourage Venture Capital Development Majimbo Local authority and accoutability Get rid of Job-Killing Regulations These burden business owners Some argue that minimum wage lays hurt the growth of a national economy and dissuade FDI Certain jobs shouldn't need licenses Promote Economic Freedom & Entrepreneurial Rights Enonomic Fredom will encourage FDI which comes with more capital fom outside Enrepreneurial Rights cuts red tape for both FDI and domestic business people

18.1.4. Leadership in an ICT world Foundations for RD in emerging economies building modern infrastructure nurture SME government supported higher education and institutes examples are China, India, Southeast Asia Only Revolutionary Leadership will achieve these changes--without it opportunities behind 3 D's will be missed Cannot take Leadership for granted or assume it is a fact

19. What is at Stake

19.1. The Alienated yet Educated Youth

19.1.1. The Young Entrepreneur: Supported or Disenfranchised

19.1.2. The Educated Youth: Will he and she has employment Opportunities

19.1.3. Recall the three D's ICT destroy the monopoly of information youth bulge destroying the equilibrium of the natural economic-demographic order dense urbanization weakens old cultural ties and allegiances

19.1.4. Urgency of Leadership The 3'D's can be either an opportunity for revolutionary change and wealth creation or a path towards social fragmentation and crisis: Leadership will determine what happens

20. Questions and Thoughts

20.1. Untitled

21. Books

21.1. Thrid Wave, Alvin Toffler

21.2. Revolutionary Wealth, Alvin Toffler

21.3. The Future of Technology in Africa Jasper Grosskurth

21.4. The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell

21.5. The Prepared Mind of a Leader: Eight Skills Leaders Use to Innovate, Make Decisions, and Solve Problems, Bill Welter Jean Egmon