Jim Crow Laws

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Jim Crow Laws by Mind Map: Jim Crow Laws

1. What are the Jim Crow Laws in simple

1.1. they were laws in the southern states to give the black people less rights

2. When was the Jim Crow Laws created

2.1. after the civil war

2.2. between 1865 and 1877

3. Why was the Jim Crow Laws created

3.1. white people wanted to gain more power over the black people after slavery was abolished

4. Who created the Jim Crow Laws

4.1. white dominated state legislatures in the southern states

5. When was the Jim Crow Laws removed

5.1. they were completely removed in 1965

6. Who was Jim Crow

6.1. He wasn't an actual person

6.2. Jim Crow was a name for a black slave in a cartoon

7. Why are the Jim Crow Laws important for today"s society?

7.1. because these laws affected people who still live and nobody should forget about this injustice