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Malicious Code by Mind Map: Malicious Code

1. Common Forms of Malware

1.1. Virus

1.1.1. Type Transient virus Resident Virus

1.1.2. Hidden

1.1.3. Self-replicating

1.1.4. Infecting

1.2. Worm

1.2.1. Propagate a complete working version of it self onto network

1.2.2. Consume computer resources destructively

1.3. Trojan horse

1.3.1. Hidden and Malicious purpose

2. Definition

2.1. Known as rogue program or malware

2.2. Purpose: written to cause bad effects

2.3. Can do anything that a normal program can do

2.3.1. Access and use system resource

2.3.2. Change Data Orther program

2.4. Define by Cohen in 1984

3. Other types of Malicious code

3.1. Zombie

3.2. Logic bumb

3.3. Time bumb

3.4. Rabbit

3.5. Attack scripts

3.6. Back Door or Trap Door

4. Attributes of Malicious Code

4.1. Stealth - the stealth characteristics of a malware program

4.2. Activation - the ways in which a malware program becomes active.

4.3. Harm - the extent to which a malware program causes harm.

4.4. Transmission / Propagation - the way in which a malware program transmits or propagates itself.