Your Boundary - TEDxVienna 2017

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Your Boundary - TEDxVienna 2017 by Mind Map: Your Boundary - TEDxVienna 2017

1. Speaker

1.1. Jake Roper

1.1.1. Science Communicator | USA

1.1.2. Jake Roper (@jakerawr) | Twitter

2. The digital self

2.1. The version of us we share online

2.2. Our self

2.2.1. fractures, depending on the platform you're on Our selfs

3. About Jake

3.1. uses pop culture to explain physics, history, philosophy etc. online

3.2. Fun Stuff

3.3. shares ideas online with his audience

3.4. 4.1 Million followers on social media

3.4.1. What does it mean? Nothing Only that I'm more self-conscious about my selfs

4. Social media

4.1. =curating your life

4.1.1. sharing things you think people want to see

4.1.2. Sharing the perfect version of yourself

5. What we post online should be a reflection of us

5.1. But instead we share what we want others to think about us

5.2. The more followers I have the less I feel like myself

5.3. Maybe when we are alone we are the most honest.

5.3.1. But If I don't post, maybe I stop existing.

6. What I've learned in 6 years of living on the internet

6.1. When it comes to sharing oneself, I hope that even though I'm a character on stage (not myself, a version of it), that if I share enough of me, all of these versions will come together to turn into myself