All the World's Data in DNA - TEDxVienna 2017

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All the World's Data in DNA - TEDxVienna 2017 by Mind Map: All the World's Data in DNA - TEDxVienna 2017

1. DNA

1.1. Nature's oldest storage device

1.2. Our own genome

1.2.1. Print it all out in standard format 140 meters high stack of papers

1.2.2. Convert it to digital data A few gigabites

1.3. What makes it great?

1.3.1. DNA can store a lot of information on very little space

1.3.2. Also very durable

1.3.3. Less likely that we'll lose the ability to read DNA

1.4. Every living thing is a DNA storage device

2. Anything that can be stored as 0s and 1s can be stored in DNA

2.1. Just have to convert our data to ACGT and sequence it

2.2. We've already stored several things in DNA (old movie, Amazon gift card etc.)

2.3. BUT

2.3.1. Some practical challenges

2.3.2. DNA has some weaknesses When data is retrieved, we lose the DNA

2.3.3. Sequencing introduces errors into DNA Had to use algorithm that's used to stream videos to overcome that Able to create trillions of copies without loss of data

3. How long before we can have a literal thumb drive?

3.1. Safer to store synthetic DNA in a tube than in a real body

4. FOCUS on long-term storage

4.1. We don't have to decide today


4.2.1. Memory of the world program Conserves valuable human heritage Store everything in DNA

5. Speaker


5.1.1. Bioinformatics Researcher | FR

5.1.2. Dina Zielinski (@dinazielinski) | Twitter

6. Our digital footprint

6.1. Humanity has created more data in the last few years than in all of human history combined


7. We've come a long way in data storage

7.1. But every medium wears out, gets outdated

7.2. All technology eventually dies along with our memories

8. Storage is problematic

8.1. The Cloud

8.1.1. =Just a lot of harddrives

8.2. Most digital data is not really important

8.2.1. But how do we know what's important?

8.3. All short term solutions

8.4. Our data is our story