human trafficking solution

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human trafficking solution by Mind Map: human trafficking solution

1. law

1.1. P - government implementing new laws to help protection of the countries people from being human trafficked

1.2. E - teaching the countries people about the law on human trafficking and the consequences involved

1.3. T - put the laws online so people have readily available access to look at the laws

1.4. L - putting new laws in to stop human trafficking

2. punishment increase

2.1. P - government increasing punishments for committing the offence of human trafficking

2.2. E - teaching people about the punishments that are used for committing human trafficking

2.3. L - staying within the laws but increasing punishment for committing the offence

3. border control strength

3.1. P - government increasing funds to increase border control strength

3.2. T - increasing technology e.g recognising cars that are stolen or that go through many times a day ( more expected to be human traffickers)

4. government policies

4.1. P - implement more rules and statements to make it clear of the laws about human trafficking.

4.2. E - increase education in poorer areas to understand problems and consequences of human trafficking.

4.3. T - increase wifi strength and signal so more people have access to the internet so people can check up on human trafficking

4.4. L - government needs to add new laws to sort out human trafficking problems, e.g. sorting out prostitution in some countries that are not as well off.

5. education

5.1. P - teaching people the hazards, laws and consequences and increasing cash to schools so more people have education and a chance to get an actual job

5.2. E - increasing education on human trafficing

5.3. S - bringing children together in school, being able to talk to an adult if they have been trafficked, making friends to tell them their problems

5.4. T - give children access to a computer in school to learn about hazards and problems

5.5. L - teach children from a young age the laws on human trafficking

6. reducing poverty

6.1. P - government donating money to the less well off to support them

6.2. E - helping improve education so more people can jobs to earn an income

6.3. T - bringing wifi to a poor area so they can research and contact people

6.4. E - cleaning the area to reduce health problems so they are not as susceptible to being human trafficked