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1. Human Relactions

1.1. science which studies and guides man in his relations whit the group to which he belongs.

2. Comunication

2.1. art of transmitting a message whit the purpose of obtaining a specific answer

3. Writing

3.1. ability to transmit an idea on paper

4. business communication

4.1. to inform the reader projects or ideas. to influence the readers the message .

5. Tendecy of the message

5.1. positive message

5.1.1. affection understanding smiles confidence

5.2. negative message

5.2.1. anger fear resentment

6. Public Relaction

6.1. is a system of collective behavior and effective communication geared toward

6.1.1. how? create good image of an individual,business or institutions

7. The business letter

7.1. basic unit of comunication

7.1.1. between institutions companies

7.2. written message whit a specific purpose

7.2.1. to seil to invite or condolens

8. Types of Business Letter

8.1. sale letters

8.1.1. written at any time an order,a payment,a complaint.

8.2. public relations

8.2.1. to promote good to create improve or regain commercial relations

8.3. miscellaneus

8.3.1. written whit either a direct or indirect purpose reference letters reports memorandums publicity letters

9. Purpose of the letter

9.1. transmit a message Create, maintain or regain "good will"

10. Good will

10.1. Good conduct + good communication =good public relations

10.1.1. is confidence and preference, good reference,friendliness