Get Invited to Linda's Friday

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Get Invited to Linda's Friday by Mind Map: Get Invited to Linda's Friday

1. Reject the Invite

1.1. Linda becomes unhappy with me

1.1.1. Linda stops talking to me

1.2. Go to Emily's party instead

1.2.1. Make cupcakes (maybe) Eat only one cupcake and be satisfied Eat tons of cupcakes and feel sick

1.2.2. See people I don't like along with my friends Hear or see something I don't like Get angry or upset about it

1.2.3. Be with Emily and Anna

1.3. Stay home

1.3.1. Sleep in my own room

1.3.2. Make funnel cake

1.3.3. Sew somethin

2. Accept the Invite

2.1. Linda doesn't get mad at me

2.2. We make deserts, watch movies and do other random things

2.2.1. Eat too much desert and regret it later

2.2.2. Watch a movie that turned out to be dumb Complain about movie with eachother Laugh about how dumb move was

2.2.3. Watch a good movie and talk about how we liked it Talk about movie again a couple days later

2.3. Lose sleep instead of catching up on it like I wanted to

2.3.1. Be exhausted as always Fall asleep in the middle of the day Have problems sleeping at night

2.4. Sew something

2.4.1. Give it to Devon or whoever else I decide to make it for Person is happy I made them something I don't get upset Person does not like it I get upset

3. Suggest Linda Goes to Emily's Too

3.1. Linda agrees to go

3.1.1. Linda, Emily, Anna and I all get to hang out We are all happy and the decision was good

3.1.2. There are people both Linda and I don't like there We have a bad time We regret going

3.2. Linda doesn't want to go

3.2.1. I have to choose between going to Linda's or Emily's (Go back to the first box)

3.2.2. Linda feels like just going to her house was not good enough Linda gets mad at me We argue