Training Trends Plan

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Training Trends Plan by Mind Map: Training Trends Plan


1.1. The school district will increase its use of technology for training sessions

1.2. The district will understand the importance of feedback to trainees

1.3. The district will implement latest training trends to provide optimal learning environments


2.1. Trainers will be able to identify and implement current training trends within the training sessions with 100% accuracy.

2.2. Norfolk Public Schools’ trainers will be able to use technology 85% of the time within training environments.

2.3. Norfolk Public Schools’ trainers will be able to give immediate feedback to all trainees attending sessions during all such sessions.


3.1. Technology- training incorporates popular technology (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

3.2. Gamification- use of games to make training more engaging

3.3. Immediate feedback- fast feedback using different modalities


4.1. Allow trainers designated time and resources to research trends and develop sessions reflective of those trends

4.2. Consider other organizations (such as Fortune 500 companies) and review their training programs

4.3. Solicit services of a training consultant to provide tools needed to address the trends

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