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Solutions by Mind Map: Solutions


1.1. Higher wages for doctors

1.1.1. More people are likely to join a career with higher wages

1.1.2. Higher wages will increase productivity and then people will receive better health care

1.1.3. Higher wages could mean the NHS can't afford to hire more people in the first few years and therefore lots of people will loose their jobs


2.1. More tax for everyone

2.1.1. unpopular amongst public

2.1.2. less disposable income

2.1.3. better health care

2.1.4. better equipment

2.2. More tax for the rich only

2.2.1. Higher inheritance tax Those that don't earn their fortune will have some taken away and put toward the NHS May go against the former owner of the fortune's wishes May stop the rich from helping different organisations if they have a grudge against the government

2.2.2. unpopular amongst the rich

2.2.3. why should the people that earn more than average help people that don't necessarily pull their weight in society (not applicable for all)

2.2.4. people with more money than they know what to do with can help those in need

2.2.5. better health care/equipment for everyone


3.1. Introduce systems like the NHS and Obamacare across the globe

3.1.1. Everyone will have access to the same free health care

3.1.2. Very expensive for the government to put in place

3.1.3. unpopular among some as there is still the belief that health care is a privileged not a right

3.2. Hire from over seas

3.2.1. Will have a knock on effect abroad as we would be taking their doctors/nurses etc

3.2.2. More doctors/nurses available


4.1. Compulsory health checks

4.1.1. If we find certain diseases sooner it may be faster and easier to treat and so quicker and cheaper

4.1.2. Puts a strain on doctors and nurses to see EVERYONE across the country

4.1.3. Some people may forget/not have time etc

4.2. Compulsory health education

4.2.1. No time wasting for doctors/nurses as people will know what to look for

4.2.2. Hard and expensive to run on such a large scale