Sneaking out of the house at night time

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Sneaking out of the house at night time by Mind Map: Sneaking out of the house at night time

1. Yes

1.1. Going to a party

1.1.1. I get to see my friends Alcohol is involved The party gets busted by the cops They have to call my parents A fight of something bad happens Someone blames me The cops take me in the cop car to my house.. where I was suppose to be.

1.1.2. I get a chance to get out of the house

1.2. Go to see a movie

1.2.1. Hang with my friends We have no ride.. so my friend decides to drive illegally. No license. They take their parents car. I see somebody I know there. They go back and tell my parents that I was out at one in the morning.

1.2.2. See a new movie

1.3. Sneak to see someone

1.3.1. My parents hear me leaving the house I get caught and don't get to leave. I will also get grounded No phone No ipod Won't get to go anywhere

2. No

2.1. Stay home bored

2.1.1. Text my friends

2.1.2. Watch a movie or t.v.

2.1.3. Just go to sleep

2.1.4. Go on the computer

2.1.5. Play video games

2.2. I won't get to hang out with my friends

2.2.1. My friends will text me saying how fun they are having.. when I was suppose to be hanging out with them.

2.2.2. I'll be missing one of the party's.

2.2.3. I won't get to see the new movie that just came out.