Teen Sex with under age teens.

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Teen Sex with under age teens. by Mind Map: Teen Sex with under age teens.

1. Having kids at a young age

1.1. Yes-Have to drop out of high School

1.2. No furture plans

1.3. miss out of lots of events.

2. No job no money

2.1. no -money to pay own your child medical bills.

2.2. can't pay for food or water

2.3. can't pay for their children cloths

3. Teen parents

3.1. yes-learn how to be a parent at a young age

3.2. must find a job to surpport their kids

3.3. have to change their plans with other freinds.

4. children undevelopment

4.1. No-Mother must learn how to breast feed the kid

4.2. Learn how to hold your baby

4.3. Learn how to wash your baby.