Misfits Class Fund Raiser

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Misfits Class Fund Raiser by Mind Map: Misfits Class Fund Raiser

1. WIP

1.1. Number of items: 50

1.2. Length of time: 30 days

1.3. $ 50 and locate a sponsor

2. Questions

2.1. Add I am looking for?

2.2. Before I spend a lot of time, do you think this is a good idea?

2.3. Just respond via email and add any questions

3. From

3.1. Garage Sale Fund Raiser

3.2. Giving up several nights and a Friday evening of Saturday ....most of the day.

3.3. Pricing and set-up

3.4. Lugging BIG items

3.5. Clean up and shut down

4. To

4.1. Internet based

4.2. How it workds

4.2.1. Send photo

4.2.2. Brief description

4.2.3. Price

4.2.4. Add contact information